Bruntwood to close Oxford Road box park for 2024 takeover by STACK Leisure

Bruntwood have today announced (1 September) that Hatch on Oxford Road will close on 30 September ahead of a proposed redevelopment by leisure developer STACK.

The box park will close at the end of the month, with vendors given just a month’s notice but with the assurance that “when the site reopens all food and beverage traders will be given priority if they decide to apply for a unit within the newly created STACK”.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a site that we are proud of, but now is the right time for Stack to take it to the next stage in its development

In the meantime ÖL Brewery will remain open throughout the process before the proposed redevelopment sees “a permanent offering with a larger footprint, providing more opportunities for traders in the city” in the new year.

Peter Bearpark, Asset Management Director at Bruntwood, said: “We are incredibly proud of what we accomplished at Hatch. Originally conceived as an idea for how to utilise unused space while Circle Square was in development, it has been a success in terms of the vision we set out for it – supporting start-up businesses, allowing brands to experiment, grow and thrive, and creating a place for people to enjoy excellent food, drink and shopping.

“It’s always hard to say goodbye to a site that we are proud of, but now is the right time for Stack to take it to the next stage in its development.”

STACK, a branch of the Danieli Group, is also undergoing developments in the Durham, Middlesbrough and Carlisle. Oddly enough STACK seem to do exactly what Hatch presently does. 

Neill Winch, CEO of STACK, added: “STACK is delighted to bring its successful leisure brand to Manchester and continue the fantastic work that Bruntwood has started at Hatch in creating a place for businesses to grow and thrive - something that we are also very passionate about.

“We have a proven track record in providing venues which bring together the very best in street food, bars and we are also renowned for delivering a full programme of live entertainment for people of all ages, which has been a huge part of our success and an element we are looking forward to elevating in Manchester.

“This location is the perfect fit for us, and we look forward to building on the great work Hatch has already done and taking it to the next level under the STACK brand.

“STACK is already a proven concept which has had huge success in its native North East, in both Sunderland and Newcastle and is currently developing a whole host of new sites across the country. It operates as both a visitor attraction and a much-loved facility for local residents and we look forward to showing Manchester what we have to offer.”

So it's down the Hatch but will the new operator STACK up and keep to that pledge of allowing back those operators who want to return. 

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