GETTING fit in time for the summer holiday period can be a real stress. So you joined the gym in January like everybody else, but cancelled in March after two months of hibernating from the winter cold.

All gyms have weights and cardio equipment. That’s a given. Not all gyms have a 100 metre running track. Y Club is the only gym in Manchester to have this facility.

Well now is the time to give it a proper go, begin work on your beach body, and where better than at Y Club.

Situated in Castlefield, Y Club is there to be discovered: a hidden gym, or hidden gem, if you like.

The gym space is vast for what looks like an average sized building from the outside. Space is broken up into sections with a cardio room with rows of treadmills, fitness bikes, rowing machines and cross trainers, lined up in front of mirrors.

This may seem like a minor addition, but mirrors provide a reflection of the development of an exercise as well as allowing you to see your form change as you go on. Y Club is a hall of mirrors and the logic is simple: if you start seeing results, you’ll strive to maintain them.

For weight lifters, there is a separate area for dumbells, kettle bells, and other free weights. On the other side of the cardio room is the area for those who prefer machine weights.

Y Club also offers a Lifestyle Program allowing you to book an appointment with one of their personal trainers. The experts then produce a tailor-made programme to help you achieve your desired results, or check back with your personal trainer if you’re not. They're very knowledgeable and don't just baffle you with gym jabber.

Then, there's the fitness studios, which are the hub for classes such as; yoga, pilates, and high energy workouts such as aerobics, body pump and spin. There’s also zumba, and circuit training.

The size of the space means you don't have to book and there will always be room even in the busiest classes. The same goes for the 18m swimming pool and relaxing sauna and steam room.

All gyms have weights and cardio equipment. That’s a given. Not all gyms have a 100 metre running track. Y Club is the only gym in Manchester to have this facility. The track also overlooks a huge sports hall, which is used for a wide range of classes.
These include five-a-side football, badminton, circuit training, basketball/wheelchair basketball, trampolining, wrestling/junior wrestling, volleyball, junior Y activities, and table tennis, and can be used at no extra charge to your membership fee.

The classes are extremely welcoming and you’ll find plenty of banter and a good range of characters to enjoy sports with, so don't be shy. The five-a-side football has a team decorum and spirit unique to the Y Club, according to the regulars.

The list of exclusive resources continues with two rugby fives courts. This sport is a cross between squash and handball and absolutely nothing to do with rugby. Although strange at first, after witnessing booked up courts and real competitive action, you see how it’s not only fun but also a great strategy for fitness. Y Club offers free lessons to get you going along with free equipment.

Y Club isn’t about herding in the members like a cattle market. Most gyms want to fix your health and damage your wealth, but at Y Club you get nothing but total value for money.

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As an added extra members will also receive great discounts at the Castlefield Hotel and Spa