‘DOES my camel toe look big in this?’

How many times have you sat down with your girlfriends and discussed each other’s camel toes? Probably not a lot.

Smooth Groove is the ultimate tool to prevent camel toe and is the new craze amongst women of all ages who fear this visible line. This gizmo resembles a panty liner-shoehorn hybrid, allowing it to take ownership of the title ‘fluhorn’. Ladies all across the country are talking about it, but is it freaky or useful?

There was a gap in the market, quite literally for this hidden accessory. But is it really needed, is it hygienic and, most importantly, will it fall out? Surely a Smooth Groove peaking out of your underwear would cause more embarrassment than a camel toe in the first place? Hear what Smooth Groove founder, Susan Laurie, has to say in the video below:

This Jock strap-lookalike for women is apparently a firm favourite for those who partake in ballet, yoga and those who wear tight clothing, especially whilst clubbing.

Some people cannot believe this product exists, others cannot believe that it didn’t exist. Here at Body Confidential we're not convinced. Surely with the right clothes you can avoid  the ultimate wardrobe malfunction without having to fanny about with such ludicrous devices. Or maybe we just need to get into the groove?

Visit the Smooth Groove website here.

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Smooth Groove LeafletSmooth Groove Leaflet