Win a £250 tab to spend at ANY of the vendors

If you had £250 to spend at Escape to Freight Island, what would you do?

 Frozen cocktails all round and some 22” pizzas from Voodoo Rays? Some very nice bottles of wine, some olives and a cheeseboard from Forever Changes? The brunch to end all brunches? Some or all of the above and then some?

 It’s a difficult decision because all the food at Escape to Freight Island is chosen because of its utter deliciousness. So whether it’s the 12 hour lamb ragù with pappardelle from Belzan that floats your boat or the luxe stacked burgers from Patty Queen, you know it’s going to be good.

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With a prize like this, you can go all out with one of Baratxuri’s live-fire grilled txuletons – a whopping speciality steak that feeds three or four hungry people. You’d still have enough left over for craft ales until closing.

 Enter the competition and you could be the lucky winner who heads off to Freight Island with a £250 tab to spend at any of the vendors.

Or if you can't quite wait for this competition to end, you can make a booking now.

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The competition has ended.

End Date - 15th July 2021