200 homes and a precinct upgrade in the independent republic of Chorlton

It was about all things American in town planning in the late sixties and early seventies. The upshot was that shopping centres in small towns and suburbs around the country had to have their own mini-Mall or precinct, sometimes covered, sometimes not. 

Most of these were poorly designed and employed poor materials. Some were disasters with, for example the centres of Streford and Middleton wiped out under monolithic non-entities. By the nineties if you heard the word precinct you expected the place to be shoddy.

Key proposals include a mix of up to 200 new homes for owner occupiers, including affordable properties

One of the suburbs that gained a new shopping centre in the 1970s was Chorlton. This was and is an L-shaped non-entity that has been crying out for redevelopment for years, backed up by a space-eating car park to the west, and the dreadful slab of Graeme House. 

Projects and proposals have come and gone for Chorlton precinct. There’s a new one now and this one might stick. A consultation has been launched on what should happen. 

We’ve been told: ‘One Chorlton is seeking the views of immediate neighbours and the wider community with feed-back informing a detailed vision for the site which will be the subject of further consultation later this year.’ 

The site is 3.2 acres and is owned by Greater Manchester Pension Fund. The developer is PJ Livesey Group and the architects are Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios.

Chorlton Aerial Clean 3 New
The area up for renewal Image: PJ Livesey Group

‘Key proposals include a mix of up to 200 new homes for owner occupiers, including affordable properties, modern retail spaces designed to serve the local community and create a thriving retail hub, together with open spaces and places to meet. 

P J Livesey managing director, Georgina Lynch, said: “Chorlton has its own character and energy and we want to understand local ambitions for the area and what we should be considering as we work on the masterplan.’ 

People can get updates on One Chorlton via social media onInstrgam @onechorlton and on Facebook facebook.com/onechorlton