AS the UK prepares to be cloaked in one great big union jack flag for four days, some of us are all for the love of Lizzy while others are just grateful for four lie-ins. Whether you’re on the side of monarchy or anarchy, there are plenty of Jubilee-themed purchases to represent your corner in the shops this week...

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Can't Get Enough...

Henry Holland Rule Britannia Tights 

Henry Holland Rule BritanniaTights £15

Going to a street party? Share the love via your legs.

I Love Liz Tea Towel 

 Love Liz Tea Towel £15

If you love the Queen and her 60 year reign, why not dry your dishes in her honour?

Violent Lips Union Jack 

Union Jack Violent Lips £10 from Harvey Nichols

Pucker up for patriotism.

Elegant Touch Union Jack Nails 

Elegant Touch Union Jack Nails in Queenie Rocks from Boots £6.45

If covering yourself in union jack fashion from head to toe is a bit much, maybe these nail art flags will get you in the spirit, subtly.

Chockers Shoes 

Chokers Churchill Shoes £35

Take your patriotism to new heights with these inspired platforms.

The Queen Dvd 

The Queen DVD £4.89

Not feeling the fickle fashion? Stay in and watch Helen Mirren portray the Queen.

Already Had Enough...

Sex Pistols Iphone Cover 

Sex Pistols iPhone Case $19.95

Front man, Johnny Rotten said: "You don't write a song like 'God Save The Queen' because you hate the English race. You write a song like that because you love them, and you're fed up of seeing them mistreated." This Sex Pistols iPhone Case pays homage to their controversial hit ‘God Save the Queen’.

Henry Holland Tea Towel  

Henry Holland Tea Towel £25

With all the commercial cashing in on the Jubilee, we’d like to believe Henry Holland is being sarcastic with this tea towel, but we’ll let you decide.

Jubilee Marmite 

Jubilee Marmite £5.99

Like Marmite, the Jubilee is a love/hate thing.

I Rule Mug Selfridges  

I Rule Mug from Selfridges £12.50

Couldn’t care less about the Queen? Take this mug to work over the Bank Holiday (we trust you wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite?) and make your feelings clear.

Jubilee Sick Bag  

Jubilee Sick Bag £3

Sick of it all or maybe you just drank too much Pimms? This should help.

Jubilee Willy Warmer  

Jubilee Willy Warmer £5

Gents, now you can stay in and keep warm in the most anti-Jubilee way possible.