About the blogger:

Alex Horne, of The Horne Section, is a British comedian and creator of a jazz-infused comedy live show comprising some of the UK’s finest jazz musicians and most exciting comics.

On his Twitter profile he describes himself as a; ‘comedian, writer, gambler, birdwatcher, potential neologist and father.’

He has been performing at Edinburgh Fringe since 2000, amongst updating his rather funny blog.

What is it about?

Alex blogs about, as he puts it, a ‘death-defying’ (quite literally) World Record Attempt to become the world’s oldest man.

Alex has been attempting this feat non-stop for the last 31 years and seven months and, although he claims he’s now getting tired, he’s still confident he can keep going.

The blog includes Alex’s current world ranking, a handy calculator to work out your own ranking, plus a competition with a generous prize of £1million from his sponsors to anybody who can reach the age of 150.

Why do we love it?

Because the concept is brilliantly funny. Alex Horne’s satirical take on World Record chasing behavior is stooped irony and is hilarious.

Alex posts video blogs updating his progress, and the pseudo-serious nature of his World Record attempt makes for amusing viewing.

Best posts:

“I do appreciate in an endeavour like this a prolonged silence may worry some of my more ardent supporters but fear not, I am still alive. In fact, I'm closer to the title of World's Oldest Man than ever before.”

“Innocent have bravely offered up a prize of £1,000,000 Great British pounds to the first person to live to 150 years of age. I’ve obviously got my eyes on the prize, but it’s open to anyone, man or woman. Children have to be excluded by their very nature (sorry children). As do tortoises and turtles (and koi carp, one of which is the current Oldest Vertebrate world record holder). Once you have lived to 150 please visit innocent at Fruit Towers in London with a copy of your birth certificate and ask for Richard to claim your prize.”