How more means more in Manchester's rental sector

“It's a very competitive market," says Oscar Brooks of Moda Living, over a breakfast in The Ivy. "In Boston, they’re calling it an amenity arms race."

He pauses, for a breath and a slurp of coffee. 

over 61% of renters can get lonely so there will be an events manager who will create an extensive activities programme from rooftop yoga to BBQs

"You have to pile it all on. It has to be everything on your door step we think. At Moda, we'll have a rooftop BBQ terrace, sports pitch, library, residents lounge, private dining room, gym and cinema room. There will be flexible workspace on-site and bookable meeting rooms will give entrepreneurs, freelancers, hot-deskers and home-workers the perfect environment to find a quiet spot to focus or meet and collaborate with other residents."

2019 06 12 Angel Meadows 3 Bed Appt
Three bed apartment at Moda
2019 06 12 Angel Meadows Cinema
There's a cinema and games room

Rentals are going to be the way ahead, Brooks explains. He cites stats such as outside London in 2019 people aren't able to afford their own home until they are 38-years-old. In London, it's 42 or more. Thus, home providers are going to find themselves in an increasingly competitive market, so the level of service and amenity will be crucial. 

They want to go beyond the physical as well. As Moda say: 'There's a shocking national statistic that over 61% of renters can get lonely so there will be an events manager who will create an extensive activities programme from rooftop yoga to BBQs. This will give residents the chance to mix and mingle. In addition, community groups will bring like-minded individuals together with book clubs, running clubs and so forth.'

2019 06 12 Angel Meadows Rooftop Sports Pitch
Moda's rooftop sport's pitch

In pursuit of the good life and the safe life, there will be 'a number of mental health first aid trained staff on site, giving residents’ mental well-being as much focus as their physical well-being.'  Good grief, there will even be a car pool so you can book a vehicle if you want to escape the city but don't want to own a car. All of these add-ons, to just renting some place somewhere, will be accessed through a Moda app.

2019 06 12 Angel Meadows Gym
Resident's gym
2019 06 12 Angel Meadows Private Dining Table
Private dining table

In their various parts, none of the amentity components are exceptional, but as a package Manchester has never seen its like. Brooks describes it as a ‘hotel service for renters'. 

The development comprises two buildings on the corner of Miller Street and Rochdale Road. The architects are Ryder, who re-worked Central Library to splendid effect. The landmark building of the scheme is a 35 storey tower. In total there are 466-apartments.

The first residents will move in during October this year. There are more details here

Along with all the other amenities and features, there are no fees and no deposit required to secure an apartment.