Calling families of Black African or Caribbean heritage who are interested in adoption

If you would like to add to your family or even start a family, have you considered adoption?

 Adoption Counts are looking for families of Black African or Caribbean heritage who might consider adopting a child.

 Children of Black African or Caribbean heritage and sibling groups wait longer to be adopted than other children. Everyone deserves to find their forever family.

 But Adoption Counts are finding it difficult to find adopters who are able to consider Black African and Caribbean children. 

 They want to help these children thrive in their own communities and be proud of their heritage and who they are. 

 This is why Adoption Counts are asking the Black African and Caribbean community to come forward if they are interested in adoption and feel like they could provide a safe and nurturing home to a child who just wants to find their place in a loving family.

 Adoption Counts welcomes mixed couples as well as single people. It doesn’t matter if you’re married, widowed, divorced or living together and your gender and sexual orientation don’t matter either. All families are different and all adoptive families are different too.

 If you are interested in adoption, Adoption Counts will support you all the way. It’s enriching, it’s exciting and definitely worth it but it can also be hard work at times which is why you’ll receive support, training and understanding from all our team members.

 Please contact Adoption Counts if you would like to find out more about adoption.

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