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Wagyu steak, lobster and tomato tea - it's all on the menu at Elite 60

You may not know the name Bayram Yuce but the chances are that you will have eaten in at least one of his restaurants. In 2017, Bayram opened Macello Meathouse in Childwall, which soon became popular among Merseyside’s Premier League footballers. We liked the South Liverpool steakhouse so much we reviewed it twice, and declared Macello “in a league of its own” when it came to steak.

The quality of the steak is very important but I also have a unique steak cooking method which my father taught me.

Kassap Meat House opened on Liverpool’s Bold Street in 2018, followed by the second branch of Macello in West Derby. After the success of three Liverpool restaurants (and a meat house in Bolton) the opportunity presented itself for the Turkish chef to open a new venture in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter; the home of fine dining. 

Elite 60 Hope Street Kassap Steak House New Openings
The restaurant is inside an elegant Georgian townhouse
Elite 60 Bayram Yuce Hope Street Liverpool Pretheatre Pirx Fixe Menu Restaurant Interior2
Room with a view - the ground floor restaurant

60 Hope Street is an iconic building and the Grade II listed Georgian townhouse dates back to the early 19th century. In more recent times, many will remember this address as the nightclub Chauffeurs and then the prestigious 60 Hope Street restaurant owned by the Manning brothers. 

Elite 60 opened its doors in December 2021 and has already earned a reputation of excellence, deserving of its prime location among some of the finest restaurants in the city. 

The restaurant is set over three floors, with the main dining area on the ground floor, lovingly restored with emerald green and gold hues. Downstairs, a bar serving signature and classic cocktails, vintage whiskies, cognac and cigars. Upstairs is an exclusive dining room, suitable for private dining, functions and business events.

Elite 60 Wagyu Lobster Hope Street
Elite signature dish - wagyu steak and lobster
Elite 60 Hope Street Liverpool Pretheatre Pirx Fixe Menu Restaurant Interior1
Lovingly restored - inside the Grade II listed building on Hope Street

The menu takes inspiration and ideas from around the globe, using the finest ingredients to create fine dining with flair. Exquisite flavours and technical skill combine with colour, personality and the all-important wow factor. Key ingredients include fresh seafood (scallops, tiger prawns, octopus, seabass, lemon sole) wagyu beef, carpaccio fillet, lobster, quail, and a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

The signature dish is Australian wagyu sirloin with half lobster, served with paneer potato balls. Did somebody say “wow factor”? In addition to the a la carte, Elite 60 offers a four-course tasting menu (special mention for the tomato tea with focaccia bread), an excellent value prix fixe, and a Sunday family meal menu. 

Now that you have a flavour for the food, let’s find out a bit more about the man himself; Chef Bayram Yuce.

Chef Bayram Yuce Elite 60 Hope Street Fine Dining Macello Kassap
Chef Bayram Yuce

When did you decide to become a chef?

Bayram: "My family has always been in the hospitality industry and my father and uncles were chefs as well so I started helping them with our family business when I was very young. Since then I only worked in the kitchen."

Why did you decide on 60 Hope Street? 

Bayram: "I was actually looking for a nice venue in the city centre to create a new concept restaurant where the guests can have a VIP dining experience with top quality service and food. When I saw the 60 Hope Street building I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. 

"The building itself, location and the history are everything as I've dreamed. Me and my partner designed the place together and we've got a professional team who helped us to get our ideas into reality. We had many decorations delivered across from the world for this place."

Elite 60 Bayram Yuce Hope Street Liverpool Pretheatre Pirx Fixe Menu Restaurant Pasta
Steak tagliatelle

How did you come up with the menu for Elite 60?

Bayram: "I already had the concept in my mind but the menu got the last shape after we built the venue, as I always need to feel the atmosphere of the place and make sure it matches with the food, design and everything."

Do you still get "hands on" in the kitchen at Elite 60?

Bayram: "Yes, I always make sure I spend some time in all of my venues and every time I am in the venue, I am always in the kitchen cooking, training the staff or working on new dishes. I also love cooking for my children at home and I love preparing Sunday brunch for them."

What are the three kitchen tools you can't do without?

Bayram: "To be honest, for me, it's enough to have a knife and some ingredients to cook a dish."

Elite 60 Bayram Yuce Hope Street Liverpool Pretheatre Pirx Fixe Menu Restaurant Seafood
Tiger prawns with Mediterranean spices
Elite 60 Bayram Yuce Hope Street Liverpool Pretheatre Pirx Fixe Menu Restaurant Dessert
Dessert options are plentiful

What is the secret to the best steak? 

Bayram: "First of all, the quality of the steak is very important but I also have a unique steak cooking method which my father taught me when I was a kid. With that method the steak we cook is always juicy and tender."

What has been your proudest moment?

Bayram: "When I was 13, I made my first cake in our family patisserie. My father came over to touch my head and said  'Well done, Son!' This was the time I felt so proud, and that day I decided to become a chef. 

"I am very happy and proud with my current position and I want to keep it the same way; always be different, unique and going forward. I want to achieve as high as I can."

Elite 60, 60 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9BZ

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