Big green eggs and the best roast in Liverpool – what to expect from Jimmy’s new restaurant

ALREADY welcomed onto the scene with open arms – for either their Instagrammable wall of lava lamps or great beer (who knows?) – Jimmy’s Liverpool is about to get even better. The three-storey venue (formerly the Cabin Club) is opening a top-floor restaurant with epic views of the Bombed Out Church and a menu crammed full of comfort food.

We swooped in to get the lowdown.

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything, we just want the brand to be recognised for good food as well as good music and good beer

It’s obvious that music is big licks for co-founder of Jimmy's (and singer with the band One Night Only) George Craig, and everybody else at Jimmy’s ground control. We spoke about the best bands to come out of Liverpool and covered everything from lost Beatles tracks off the lesser-known albums to The Coral and The Zutons, naturally. George even recommended an up-and-coming outfit going by the name of Red Rum Club, which he described as “a cocktail of the Beatles, Zutons and The Coral” - so it’s safe to say Liverpool’s musical heritage is in safe hands here.

2019 09 26 Jimmys Liverpool George And Jimmy
George (left) and Jimmy outside the Liverpool bar-cum-cafe-cum-restaurant-cum-music venue

What about the food though? I asked George, how will it compare to the gastronomic wonderland in the neighbouring areas, from Bold Street down to Duke Street? What is the new Jimmy’s restaurant going to bring to the Liverpool food scene that we haven’t already got? 

“Summat a bit different,” he said, going on to expand that the “70s style, rock ‘n’ roll glam boozer” is something the city hasn’t really got elsewhere and that the new restaurant will make it a one-stop-shop for “a guaranteed good night”.

2019 09 26 Jimmys Liverpool Bar
The wall is lava

“At the minute, we’re just keeping it really minimal with 15 to 20 dishes max,” says George. “We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything, we just want the brand to be recognised for good food as well as good music and good beer. We’ve got a grill section of the menu where everything will be cooked on the big green egg. So, you’ll be able to get a really good steak, fish, meat…”  

Er, the big green egg…? “It’s like a giant barbecue that looks like a green egg! We’ll have tacos and homemade pizzas too, as well as vegan and veggie stuff. The price point will be really affordable and there’ll be a wide offering to suit absolutely everyone. There’ll be no halloumi fries or afterthought burgers.”

2019 09 26 Jimmys Liverpool Chef
Jimmy's chef Jamie

We spoke about the kitchen’s award-winning meat supplier and the local bakeries they’ll be working with, plus the ex-Chatsworth Estate chef, Jamie, who will be at the helm helping manifest ‘the Jimmy’s palette’. The guys have got grand plans for what’s to come. A bit of research before our sit down revealed that George released his own recipe book back in 2016 – Terry & George Feeding Friends – so I just had to ask… “Yeah, there will be some nods to that. It’s all about British-style comfort food and food inspired by what my mum cooks at home. As a family, we’re really into our food.”  

I asked George if he’s likely to be doing any stints in the Jimmy’s kitchen.Oh, 100 per cent yes! I’m in no way afraid of getting my hands dirty, especially when I’m this excited about something. For the next few months, I think I’ll be somewhere between the pot wash and the grill. My forte in the kitchen at home is doing the roast so I want to make Jimmy’s the best roast in Liverpool.”

2019 09 26 Jimmys Liverpool Food
Jimmy's chicken

Before I wrapped up our chat, I just wanted to dig a little deeper into what we’re dealing with here. If somebody is so boldly claiming to be on the verge of smashing out Liverpool’s best Sunday roast to date, we’re going to need to get to know more about his own eating habits, right? So I asked George an important question: post-gig, loads of beers in, on the way home in the early hours – what’s your go-to scran? “Cheesy chips are always a winner. I moved back up north because the cheesy chips were so bad in London… and I just love a kebab.”  

OK, then, the most important question of all: pineapple on pizza – yay or nay? “For me it’s a no-go! I’m not a fan, but I know it has to be done. I just can’t get on board with anaemic pineapple on pizza.”  

So, make what you will of a man who considers pineapple on pizza an unnecessary evil – we’re expecting great, great things from the edible offering at Jimmy’s. The kitchen is due to be ready and the restaurant expected to be open to diners come the end of November, so clear your diaries…  

Jimmy’s Liverpool, 130 Bold Street, L1 4JA