From Bubble and Squeak cakes to Pigeon Wellington... but what is a Horiatiki?

We are loving the weather at the moment. It gives our writers a chance to don their sunnies and wander around the city grazing and drinking in the sunshine.

So here are a few dishes we recommend you go and try this month - from theatrical sarnies to bountiful brunches and luxurious lobster.

Bubble and squeak cakes (£4.95)

2018 06 06 Bubble And Squeak Everyman

With its catering operations now in-house, the fortunes of the Everyman’s foyer cafe have taken a turn for the better. A selection of sarnies and salads allows luvvies to lunch on some excellent cheap eats such as these excellent, soft and crunchy specimens from the specials board which come with a choice of two salads - all for under a fiver. Who said you had to starve for your art?

Everyman Street Food Cafe, Hope Street, L1.

Horiatiki (£6)

2018 06 06 Greek Salad Greekosophy

Horiatiki? It’s just a Greek salad, innit? Well yes, but you won’t find any of the lettuce or green leaves that make up what you’re used to having in your little England taverna. See Greekosophy serves the most authentic Greek salad this side of Mount Olympus and it’s well worth a trek up London Road to try. Packed with the ripest tomatoes, the sharpest capers, barrel aged feta, proper peeled crunchy cucumber and punchy Kalamata olives, all in a classic Greek vinaigrette dressing. And guess what: it’s ALL organic. 

Greekosophy, Stafford Street, L3.

Chorizo, black pudding, sauté potatoes and fried egg (£7.00)

2018 06 06 Chorizo Black Pud Pen Factory

Brunch with a difference, served until 10pm, this delicious combo is, in turns, spicy (they’ve sourced some very good chorizo in here), comforting (ditto the lovely, crumbly Stornaway pud)  and very satisfying thanks to a lovely chuckle egg on top and a few soft sautéed spuds for carb lovers. Nothing like a full English, miles better for it, and exactly the ballast you need before you head to the bar.

The Pen Factory, Hope Street, L1 9BQ

Pigeon Wellington (part of a £25 three course lunch menu)

2018 06 06 Roski Pigeon Wellington

Don’t say you can’t find or afford to eat Michelin quality food in Liverpool. Anton Piotrowski’s cooking is a gift to the city and this dish, from an incredibly good value lunchtime table d’hôte at £25, is just the reason you were looking for to down tools come noon.

"Mad, moist, crunchy, full of English flavour, deeply and utterly awesome,” is how our critic Gordo described it, after he got lost there one Saturday afternoon, going on to wax lyrical about the mythical marvels of the cauliflower cheese. “Stop messing about. JUST FUCKING GO,” he said.

Roski, Rodney Street, L1 2TE

Coconut and rum sticky wings (£5.50)

2018 06 06 Coconut Rum Wings La Finca Eveissa

There’s nothing vaguely Spanish about these delectable bites which seem to have come via Jamaica, but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t give them a go. Juicy, rum-marinated chicken, scattered with flaked coconut, makes them a stand-out dish if you’re looking for something to go with a large gargle of chilled white and ripe Rioja.

La Finca Eivissa, Back Colquitt St, L1 4DE

Satterthwaites black pudding pork pie (£2.95)

2018 06 06 Three Bros Pie Timberwolf Grind Tap

You can’t move for micro pubs in the Waterloo area, and this is a particularly engaging specimen situated in, what was for decades, a Satterthwaites bakery shop. So it is very fitting that you can once again buy a Satties pork pie here, but even better that you can contemplate its charms over a craft ale or two, such as this tangy and refreshing IPA (£4.30) from the Three Brothers brewery Well worth a visit

Timberwolf Grind & Tap, South Road, L22

Authentic chilli (£11.95)

2018 06 06 Proper Chilli La Parilla

OK, there’s nothing authentically Mexican about any chilli con carne, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth shouting about when you find a good one. La Parilla’s version, served in its own edible tortilla bowl over rice and beans, is topped with cheese, soured cream and lashings of lovely leaves and salsa. All the ingredients for that rush of serotonin.

 La Parilla, Bold Street, L1 and South Road, L22 5PQ

Steak and lobster (£55 for two)

2018 06 06 Steak And Lobster San Carlo

The little luxuries in life are worth seeking out and San Carlo has still got the wow factor after eight years in the city. There’s plenty here for two: tender slices of 8oz dry aged fillet, ordered medium rare, with a brandy and mustard drizzle.  And don’t worry about the tricky lobster, which comes to you hacked into two, meaning the only work involved is devouring sweet succulent flesh.  A generous pile of bone dry zucchine fritte on the side and it all adds up to the classiest surf and turf you will find for miles.

San Carlo, Castle Street, L2

Black Siciliana pizza (£8.50)

2018 06 06 Pizza Crust

There’s a reason why Crust is always packed to the rafters, and that’s because they serve the best pizzas on Bold Street at prices even the stingiest Tinder dater can cope with. And if you’re looking to bag an Italian, say, to brush up on your lingo, Crust is where they hang out.

But anyway, this beauty is made with a vegetable black dough and is topped with tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, anchovies, capers and olives.

Crust, Bold Street, L1 4DN