Director Matty Farrell reckons it will be the perfect blend

OH buoy. Bold Street Coffee - fine purveyors of badass breakfast baps, doughnuts and lots and lots of lovely cawfee - has announced it will be opening its second branch this year.

We can’t wait to welcome regulars and new guests to our second site in the city centre

GSG Hospitality aka Graffiti Spirits Group aka the team behind Duke Street Food and Drink Market, Santa Chupitos and Salt Dog Slims, will open the new branch of Bold Street Coffee at The Plaza on Old Hall Street.

Bold Street Coffee Liverpool Breakfast Buoy
Breakfast buoys float our boat Image: PR

The award-winning BSC will open on the ground floor of the 18-storey office complex in Liverpool’s commercial district on 3 February. The launch of the new coffee shop comes ahead of ambitious plans from the Graffiti group to also open a restaurant and bar within the development later in the year.

The Plaza has held an iconic spot on Liverpool’s skyline since 1965, and is currently in the process of being re-imagined by Bruntwood Works via a major £3m transformation to create a "Pioneer" workspace environment that aims to build and enhance community connection.

Nodding back to the spirit and aspirations of the 1960s, the interiors have been designed to encourage collaboration, community and productivity. Powered by plenty of coffee and doughnuts, presumably.

Plaza Bold Street Coffee Old Hall Street
Artist's impression of the new Plaza space Image: PR

Graffiti Spirits Group continues to expand its portfolio and last year made its mark on Manchester with the opening of Salt Dog Slim’s on Bow Lane. GSG’s other brands include Peppercat Sports, El Bandito, 81 Ltd, and Slim’s Bold Street. 

In January, Santa Maluco pizzeria permanently closed after almost six years in business. The building at Number Two Castle Street has now been taken on by the folks behind Crosby’s So Salsa, The Tree House and Rock Salt.

Since opening in 2010, Bold Street Coffee has become an institution in Liverpool. Guests heading to the new BSC at The Plaza will be able to enjoy great coffee, as well as a selection of teas and iced drinks. 

There will also be a full breakfast and brunch menu with all of the BSC staples such as buoys; a lightly toasted brioche bun filled with the likes of scrambled egg, bacon, sausage patty or vegan and veggie options.

2019 05 07 Bold Street Coffee Exterior
The original Bold Street Coffee Image: Confidentials

Matt Farrell, director of Bold Street Coffee, said: "Bold Street Coffee is a much-loved venue with a strong community focus and we can’t wait to welcome regulars and new guests to our second site in the city centre. 

"Opening in the business district is really exciting for us; guests can come to BSC to work alongside enjoying their favourite coffee, or stop by for a grab and go sandwich on the way to their next meeting.

"Our focus is on the quality of house coffee and produce for our breakfast and brunch dishes. Being an independent ourselves, we love to champion other independent guest roasters which are changed every quarter and give our wall space to local artists and exhibitionists. 

"We’ll continue to do this at our second BSC site and look forward to welcoming everyone in early February and beyond."

Bold Street Coffee Liverpool Cup Of Coffee
A damn fine cup of coffee Image: PR

Bruntwood’s portfolio includes Blackfriars House in Manchester, Cotton Exchange in Liverpool, Booths Park in Cheshire, West One in Leeds and Corner Block in Birmingham.

Colin Forshaw, regional director of Bruntwood Works in Liverpool said: "We’re thrilled to be welcoming Bold Street Coffee to The Plaza and to see this exceptional ground floor experience take shape. 

"Together with the fantastic Graffiti Spirits Group we’re developing a brand new food and drink destination for Liverpool, right in the heart of the business district."

The Plaza restaurant and bar aims to be a flagship eating and drinking destination for the wider commercial district and the city of Liverpool.

BSC at The Plaza will be open Monday to Friday 7.30am-6pm, initially, with weekends opening up in the coming months.

Bold Street Coffee, The Plaza / Bold Street

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