Veggie cafe's ice cream sundaes make the UK cool list

Both vegetarian and vegan cooking have long been associated with the healthier side of eating, and even the biggest bacon sandwich lover might grudgingly admit that the odd meat-free butty could be good for the ticker and the waistline.

But those who shun animal involvement in the grub they consume haven’t always had such a good time when it comes to choosing treats. Back in the pioneering days of vegetarianism in the 1970s, the cruelty-free kids were the ones gnawing on liquorice root while everyone else stocked up at the gelatine paradise that was the playground tuckshop.

Maybe that’s one reason why PETA, the campaigning organisation for the ethical treatment of animals, has felt the need to launch its Top 12 Vegan Sweet Treats list. This lip-smacking line-up of a dozen desserts, devoid of eggs or dairy, has been collated from café and restaurant menus across the UK, and according to PETA, the ice cream sundaes at Our Kitchen on Bold Street are good enough to make the grade.

The sundaes, available in both vegetarian and vegan versions, are topped with a choice of granola and blueberries, shaved coconut with mixed seeds and nuts, apple and cinnamon compote, or raspberries, strawberries, and raw cocoa nibs.

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According to PETA’s director, Elisa Allen: "Our Kitchen's delectable, cruelty-free ice cream sundaes make it possible to indulge your sweet tooth while also being sweet to animals."

It’s something of a cow-free coup for the venue as it only opened for business back in March, and it’s a vote of confidence in its menu. Described on its website as “an extensive holistic-inspired range”, the selection of breakfasts, small plates, “buddha bowls”, salads and sharing platters has added to Bold Street’s ever-expanding culinary repertoire while also helping Liverpool meet the needs of vegetarian and vegan food lovers.

As PETA puts it, “Not only are plant-based meals better for our health and the planet – since animal agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to climate change – they also spare millions of animals the horrors of factory farms every year.”

It’s the kind of thing that would even bring a smile to the face of famed vegetarian Steven Patrick Morrissey. Because with Our Kitchen’s help, every day really can be like sundae. And suddenly, that seems like no bad thing.