Famed luxury restaurant group taking over former Bank of England building

Luxury restaurant brand and celebrity magnet The Ivy is set to open its first restaurant in Liverpool.

The restaurant group, now boasting nearly 50 spots nationwide including its Ivy Asia brand, has chosen Castle Street as the location of its first Merseyside site. 

The former Bank of England building has been chosen as the site for the restaurant following a change of use being approved by the council last year. 

Troia UK Restaurants, trading as The Ivy Group, applied for a change of use to transform the Grade I-listed bank into one of its luxuriously decorated restaurants, along with the now-familiar fascia signs and caponies associated with the brand.

2024 05 03 The Ivy Liverpool Building
The Bank of England building on Castle Street Image: Confidentials

Out of use since it was vacated by TSB Bank back in the 1990s, the Bank of England building has been something of a sleeping giant on Castle Street.

But with news of the luxury brand eyeing up the prime city centre spot, it could prove a boon to the historic, open and pedestrianised street also home to the equally luxurious San Carlo.

2024 05 03 The Ivy Liverpool Plans
The proposed plans for the frontage of the bank building Credit: via planning documents

Plans submitted for the site can be viewed by searching for reference number 22F/0422 on Liverpool City Council’s planning portal.

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