Harley Young has a meeting with meat on Seel Street

After weeks of “You’ve got to try it” from Lowri following her anniversary meal the month prior, I did just that. 

Tucked away on Seel Street, in a Georgian building, behind a little red door, sits Cowshed; one of the city’s popular steakhouses. With its tasteful decor and wine red booths, I can see why Lowri and her partner chose the spot for date night. It’s perfect for it. 

2024 04 30 Cowshed Outside 1
Cowshed on Seel Street Image: Confidentials
2024 04 30 Cowshed Outside 2
Cowshed on Seel Street Image: Confidentials

Each mouthful made you work for it, but with every chew oozed more juices full of flavour

The photos hung on the wall each feature cows’ heads meticulously edited onto vintage portraits and paintings of warriors from the ancient past. Anywhere else this would be unusual, but at Cowshed it adds to the vibe.   

90% of the dishes at Cowshed are, as you’d imagine, made with beef as the main ingredient. There is the odd vegetarian dish though, so no worries if you’re bringing along a mate who doesn’t eat meat. As well as a decent sized menu, Cowshed boasts an extensive drinks list covering everything from bottles and cans to cocktails to wines designed to pair perfectly with meat. Being the classy birds we are, we went with a nice, crisp and refreshing pint (Birra Moretti for Lowri and an Estrella Free Damm for me). 

2024 04 30 Cowshed Inside 1
How now painted cow? Image: Confidentials
2024 04 30 Cowshed Inside 3
Inside Cowshed Image: Confidentials
2024 04 30 Cowshed Inside 2
Another udderly unique picture Image: Confidentials

Once we’d settled into our surroundings, we ordered a portion of beef and cheese croquettes to share. This portion of three hefty-sized circular balls of oozing melty goodness was well stuffed with pulled beef brisket and molten cheese - a winning combo. Well seasoned and stodgy, but in a good way, these did a great job of whetting the appetite. 

2024 04 30 Cowshed Croquettes
Croquettes Image: Confidentials

By now, we were getting into the thick of it and decided to order one of Cowshed’s signature chargrilled steaks each - all of which are served with a rocket and parmesan garnish. I went for the 8oz ribeye served medium rare with a pot of peppercorn sauce while Lowri chose the 8oz fillet cooked medium rare with a pot of blue cheese. We both added a portion of fries for dipping. 

The steak and sauces arrived on a long slender plate alongside the aforementioned rocket and parmesan garnish. Looking thick and juicy, my steak unleashed a primal urge within me, making me want to pick the slab of chargrilled meat up with my hands and tear it apart with my teeth. Luckily for everyone else in the dining room, I refrained and used my fork and steak knife instead. 

2024 04 30 Cowshed Steak Mine
My ribeye with rocket and parmesan Image: Confidentials

The steak was both succulent and moist but with a good amount of bite to it. Each mouthful made you work for it, but with every chew oozed more juices full of flavour. Paired with the peppercorn sauce and lightly seasoned fries it was just the ticket needed for a satisfying early evening meal.

2024 04 30 Cowshed Steak Mine Sauce
My ribeye drenched in peppercorn sauce Image: Confidentials

Lowri’s steak was even more tender with not a slither of fat in sight. A thicker cut that went down a treat and paired nicely with her creamy yet sharp blue cheese sauce.

2024 04 30 Cowshed Steak Lowris
Lowri's fillet Image: Confidentials

Concluding the meal, we each finished strong with something sweet; a toffee Bavarian creme with cinnamon shortbread and chocolate runout for myself and the cheesecake special of the day for Lowri (salted caramel and chocolate).

The Bavarian creme looked just like a creme brulee but with a much softer crust, lightly garnished with sugar crystals, milk chocolate shards and a pair of pretty edible flowers. On the side, a pair of cinnamon shortbread biscuits, ideal for dipping. Flavour-wise, this dish was overly sweet but not sickly and the slight kick from the cinnamon complemented it well. 

2024 04 30 Cowshed Creme
Toffee Bavarian creme Image: Confidentials

Lowri’s slab of cheesecake looked absolutely delectable with its small scoop of salted caramel ice cream perched atop. Garnished with a Biscoff-looking crumb and a drizzle of salted caramel to add another few layers of texture, this dessert was a chocolate-lovers paradise. 

2024 04 30 Cowshed Cheesecake
Cheesecake of the day Image: Confidentials

I can see why Lowri and her partner favour Cowshed so much. It’s an ideal spot for a romantic meal, or just catching up with friends. The quality of the meat is of a very high standard, as is the service and cleanliness of the restaurant. Even if you’re not a fan of meat, there’s something for you to enjoy (three cheese truffles and garlic bread, spiced cauliflower florets or waffles and eggs). 

You've got to try it.

Cowshed, 104 Seel Street, Liverpool L1 4BL, UK

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  • Food 8/10

    Croquettes 7.5, Ribeye with peppercorn sauce 8, fillet steak with blue cheese sauce 8.5, chocolate and salted caramel cheesecake 8, toffee Bavarian creme 8

  • Ambience 4/5

  • Service 4/5