Steph Whalley gets a taste of Mexican street food in Wirral

Let’s taco ‘bout Tahona! Sorry, I just really needed to get that out my system before we go any further and then I promise there won’t be any more awful Mexican food puns. That would just be silly con carne. Okay, I really am done now.

Quite the departure from what this straight-laced little town is normally used to.

I’m pretty bloody excited about Tahona. Owned by the local lads behind Wylde and Lateral, this new Mexican bar and restaurant in Heswall, on the Wirral (yes, on), is quite the departure from what this straight-laced little town is normally used to.

Tahona Heswall Wirral Mexican Restaurant Exterior
Ta-who-na? TAHONA Image: Confidentials

It’s about half full which, for a Sunday, ain’t half bad. We’ve been sat down by a beaming host in a plaid shirt and trainers, their hospitable smile about the brightest thing in here. There is some pink neon lighting illuminating the bar at the back of the room but despite the sun cracking the flags outside, it’s decidedly dark. 

If I was to guess, I’d say this is a calculated decision designed to replicate the authentic Mexican street eating experience. However, in little old Heswall, we could do with a bit more light and visual vibrancy to make the space feel more finished.

Tahona Heswall Wirral Mexican Restaurant And Bar
A peppy little taqueria Image: Confidentials

That said, what’s lacking in the decor is most certainly made up for on our plates where colour comes in complete and utter delicious abundance. We’re nibbling our way through a basket of tortilla chips with salsa verde, pico de gallo and fresh guacamole (£5), clinking our Dos Equis beer and Painkiller cocktail, respectively. 

The latter is an iteration of piña colada with homemade coconut cream and Plantation Rum. My cocktail choice had been a toss up between that, a mango margarita or a Jarritos pineapple soda so despite being a nice touch, the complimentary table water doesn't get a look in.

Tahona Heswall Wirral Restaurant Review 2
A 'Painkiller' cocktail Image: Confidentials

Drinks going down smoothly, we finally place our food order after some deliberation on how much is too much for two (hungry and greedy) people. Turns out some corn elote (£4), two tostadas and some chicken tacos (£7) is just about right after tortillas. 

The star of the show for me turns out to be the corn elote, which is slightly blackened, smothered in chipotle mayo, dusted with chipotle powder and sprinkled with queso fresco. My idea of edible heaven. At this point, my sticky fingers could really use a side plate though - something I think should be non-negotiable anywhere that serves a share-style menu. 

Tahona Heswall Wirral Restaurant Review 1
Tortilla chips, salsa verde, pico de gallo and fresh guacamole Image: Confidentials
Tahona Heswall Wirral Food Menu Review
Beyond chorizo tostada Image: Confidentials

Close second for me is the Beyond chorizo tostada (£7) made with vegan mince, smooth black beans, avocado tomatillo and pickled red onions. Through my crunching and slurping, I can just about hear my partner-in-dine lip-smacking over the sushi-grade tuna tostada (£8) with chilli mango salsa, smoked chilli mayo and pickled chipotle. His idea of edible euphoria, clearly. 

These guys really haven’t cut any corners when it comes to powerful, authentic flavour, echoed in our trio of lime-marinated chicken tacos with fresh avocado tomatillo and zingy onions.

Tahona Heswall Wirral Mexican Restaurant Review Tuna Tostada
Tuna tostada Image: Confidentials
Tahona Heswall Wirral Mexican Restaurant Menu Review
A Mexcellent combo Image: Confidentials

If you aren’t into sharing some churros (£4.50) with me even after a small plate palooza, I am nacho friend. Oh God, here I go again. Never mind the Mexican’s wife, someone’s going to push me off the cliff tequil’ me. Anyway. Find your dessert stomach and suck it up because these crunchy little cinnamon sugar-dusted babies with their warm, doughy centre and silky chocolate dip are well worth the Gaviscon needed when you get home.

Tahona Heswall Wirral Mexican Restaurant Dessert Menu Review
Chim chim churro, check out these big dippers Image: Confidentials

So, is Tahona a welcome addition to the Wirral? Absolutely. Have I booked another reservation for 48 hours later before I’ve even paid the bill? You bet. Does the venue need a bit of livening up in terms of light and decor? In my opinion, yes. But then who died and made me Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen? 

Give this peppy little taqueria some more time to settle in and I bet it’ll be the taco the town. (Couldn’t resist, sorry.)

Unit 4, The Curve, 139 Telegraph Road, Heswall, Wirral CH60 7SE

Tahona Receipt

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