Never mind 'May the fourth', real galactic fanatics will be fixed on Cheshire this July

Unless you’ve been hiding under a dark (side) rock inside a Dagobah cave, you’ll have probably noticed that today is May 4th – otherwise known as Star Wars day.

And though we’re of the opinion that anyone who today mutters ‘May the fourth be with you’ instead of ‘Morning’ instantly waivers their right to not be punched in the nose, this particular Star Wars-themed plug certainly deserves more attention than Gary Barlow’s meme of Gary Barlow wielding a lightsaber…yes he did.

Bluedot - a stargazing festival of electro music, immersive art and live science, launched with aplomb last year against the backdrop of Jodrell Bank's iconic Lovell Telescope - has today announced a series of Star Wars-themed carry-on for their next instalment (7-9 July).

So joining the likes of headliners Alt-J, Orbital, Pixies and Goldfrapp will be fellas such as Dave Prowse, the original Darth Vader, in conversation with Vader’s helmet designer, Brian Muir. Stuntmen Andrew Laughton and Nick Gillard will be offering lightsaber lessons in the on-site Jedi Academy, whilst mash-up champion DJ Yoda will showcase a ‘feast of an audio visual set’.

The festival’s Close Encounters cinema, meanwhile, will be screening the latest Star Wars release, Rogue One, while galactic fanatics will have the chance to give R2D2 a right good BeeYop Weeop Deepuhd (though you better buy it a drink first).

Jodrell Bank
Set against the backdrop of the iconic Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank, Bluedot combines electro and art with immersive science Jodrell Bank

Bluedot’s Star Wars experiences have been pulled together by Manchester sci-fi collective, For the Love of Sci-Fi, who are rumoured to be looking to recreate their ‘Chalmun’s Cantina bar’ pop-up (featured in Star Wars Edpisode IV: A New Hope… that's the first one) at the festival.

Organiser Ben Robinson said: “The Star Wars Universe is loved and adored by millions, the anniversary of the original film is a big occasion and Bluedot seems the right place to celebrate the galactic cultural phenomenon the movies have become.

“Never did I imagine that Darth Vader would be appearing at the event, with Hawkwind also on the Sunday it will be a cosmic day out for all.”

No word yet whether Barlow will show, though with a confirmed cameo in the upcoming Star Wars film, reports suggest he's holed-up working on his sword.

Bluedot Festival - Full weekend camping tickets are now on sale and start from £149 outright cost or a £27.33 payment plan. Day tickets are available from £59.