Premium dining at home with HelloFresh

Snagging a table at a restaurant these days is quite an achievement. We’re surprised there hasn’t been an internet meltdown with all the booking buttons being clicked 24/7. It reminds us of trying to bag a supermarket delivery slot back in the bad old days of lockdown. We love dining out and we are so glad it’s back but this past year has taught us that sometimes we just love to stay home too.

Fillet steak and blue cheese sauce? Hang on, is it the weekend already?

With HelloFresh, you can have the restaurant-food you love without leaving the house – all thanks to their premium range. Although we’re pretty sure plenty of their usual range should qualify too – they certainly give us our favourite restaurant feels.

So after a hectic time of it getting back on the social waltzer our FOMO turned into fear of missing our sofa and a good box set. Confidentials got HelloFresh on the case and they brought the restaurant experience to us for a week.


After walking the dog round the block, I treated myself to cheese and caramelised onion chicken. It was like a gastropub lunch after a walk in the hills – the garlic mash was like a big buttery hug and the onion marmalade seemed deliciously naughty. But, deceptively, it was only 600 calories so although I hadn’t exactly scaled Mam Tor, a trip to the park and back meant I’d still earnt my guilt-free comfort food.

2021 05 14 Cheesy Chicken Final


After lots of travelling for work, I really could not be bothered in the kitchen but the pan-fried lamb steak with redcurrant sauce recipe was so easy to follow, everything just seemed to come together. It was a premium recipe and it certainly tasted premium. Truffle mash on a Tuesday is something I could get used to. It was definitely the showstopper of the week. I eat out a lot and this is definitely restaurant class. 

2021 05 14 Final Lamb Steak


Fillet steak and blue cheese sauce? Hang on, is it the weekend already? With premium meals from HelloFresh you can pretend it’s Saturday night every night. I even opened a nice bottle of wine in celebration of my new midweek weekend. And it was ready in minutes. 

2021 05 14 Fillet Steak Cooing


The next meal was one of HelloFresh’s street food selection because some of the best restaurants in town are all about casual snacks with global flavours. I went for the chicken katsu burger with sesame wedges and rice vinegar pickled salad. It was like being at Hatch or a cool pop-up only less exposed to the elements and with the benefits of Spotify and Netflix. The whole family wolfed this one down but next time I’m going to save it for the weekend as it takes a while to put together. 

2021 05 14 Street Food Chicken Final


Friday night was fragrant chicken laksa. It was super quick and it had that authentic hit that reminds me of one of my favourite local restaurants (no, not telling). Friday night is usually takeaway night but this felt a lot more satisfying – and healthier too. 

2021 05 14 Chicken Laska Ingredients

At Confidentials we are giddy kippers about eating out inside restaurants but we’re also pretty excited about the premium range (in fact the whole range) at HelloFresh. In out, in out, shake it all about. We’re going to be taking advantage of restaurant opening but we are also going to love our time at home too – especially when it’s restaurant quality food wherever we are.

And now, you can enjoy 50% off your first HelloFresh order plus 35% off the next three boxes.

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