Duke Street pub closes amid initial confusing claims about fire safety

The decades old Monro Pub has suddenly announced it has closed its doors by leaving a puzzling statement on its website.

The popular Duke Street pub, which since last year had switched from gastropub food to one serving contemporary Greek cuisine, is now no longer open. 

Visit the pub's website and you'll be greeted with a simple message from the owner William Lyons on a black background:



'The owner of the building feels that the fire safety of the building is compromised.

'While Merseyside Fire are prepared to let us operate, the owner does not want to risk his reputation should anything happen.'

This is a puzzling series of statements so while it appears Merseyside Fire and Rescue deem the building up to fire safety standards, the owner of the building does not.

The bafflement continues as the statement claims the building's owner plans to redevelop the building thanks to cash from the "deep pockets" of a "successful entrepreneur".  

Confidentials contacted Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service for comment, but as yet have had no response.

As statements about restaurant closures go, it was on the more peculiar end of PR.

The pub has since issued a statement 'on behalf of Will Lyons and the whole team at The Monro' on its Facebook page.

It read: "After 20 wonderful years at The Monro, it is with great sadness we announce that we have been forced to close.

"Despite our best efforts to keep the doors open until Christmas, the situation is beyond our control. As such, we must leave the premises by Friday, October 13th.

"Our wish was to honour the bookings our loyal customers have made and go out in style at the end of the year. Sadly, in business, wishes don't always come true.

"We know many of you have bookings for the coming days, weeks and months and have paid deposits. We will contact customers about your reservation as soon as possible.

"As you can imagine, this news has been a massive shock to all of us, our families and loved ones. All of whom are now without jobs in the lead-up to Christmas.

"It's a shame to end on this note, but here we are.

"We are grateful for your support and loyalty over the years. It's people like you that made it all worthwhile. Thank you.

Team Monro

P.S. Due to the suddenness of this closure, we cannot reply to comments or answer queries via social media this week. We apologise for the inconvenience. But we will be in touch. Hang tight."

Confidentials will keep its ear to the ground and see what the future holds for one of Liverpool's Duke Street's best loved pubs.

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