Which restaurants have our readers been visiting in January?

What are the hottest restaurants in Liverpool? 

We have a way of finding out. It’s called Confidential Guides and it's a powerful and infinitely useful tool for finding the best places to eat, drink and be generally merry all across the north of England. There is an individual page for each restaurant with a description, buttons to book a table and tags to make searching easier. We also publish curated restaurant guides to give our readers inspiration.

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Every month, we will publish the top 20 restaurants most visited on ConfidentialGuides.com. The restaurants you, the people, are most interested in. We’ve been watching the stats closely and are excited to show you the results. 

The hottest restaurants in Liverpool

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Here is our Confidentials Guides Hot 20 - the top restaurants in Liverpool in January 2023.

2024 02 01 Puffin Rooms
Glazed chicken thigh skewers from Puffin' Rooms (3) Image: @PuffinRooms/Instagram

1. Almost Famous ↑

2. Spanish Caravan ↓

3. Puffin' Rooms ↑

4. Seaforth ↑

5. Yuet Ben ↓

2024 02 01 Shrimps On Toast At Barnacle In Liverpool 660X500
Shrimp on toast from Barnacle (6) Image: Barnacle

6. Barnacle ↓

7. The Alchemist 🆕

8. Frederiks ↓

9. Hawksmoor ↓

10. Nord ↓

2024 02 01 Brunch Cocktail Club
Avocado and poached eggs on toast from The Brunch & Cocktail Club (14) Image: The Brunch & Cocktail Club/Facebook

11. The Art School ↑

12. Manifest ↓

13. The Restaurant Bar & Grill ↓

14. The Brunch & Cocktail Club 🆕

15. Gusto ↑

2024 02 01 Tempest On Tithebarn
Chicken burger and fries from Tempest on Tithebarn (19) Image: Tempest on Tithebarn/Facebook

16. San Carlo =

17. Crazy Pedro's 🆕

18. Restaurant 8 ↑

19. Tempest on Tithebarn ↓

20. Piccolino 🆕

Header image: The mixed shellfish royale at San Carlo Liverpool (16) 

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