The new speakeasy bar on Slater Street launches in September

Back in July we brought you the news that Santa Chupitos, home of the legendary Five Dollar Shake, was closing for good. Well now you can turn that frown upside down as the owners are reopening 41 Slater Street as a new speakeasy style bar.

Inspired by the Caribbean, the venue offers a variety of exceptional cocktails that hark from the region.

Graffiti Spirits, the hospitality group behind Santa’s (RIP), Salt Dog Slim’s and El Bandito, says that the new bar will serve Caribbean-inspired cocktails, reimagined classics, wines, champagne and high end spirits.

Manolo 41 Slater Street Liverpool Cocktail Bar Santa Chupitos2
Expect carefully crafted classic cocktails

The name? Manolo. What does it mean? No idea. The only Manolo we know is Manolo Blahnik the shoe designer. Urban Dictionary has another shoe-related definition but that one’s best left alone and definitely NSFW.

The press release for Manolo which landed in our inbox says:

“With jazz, salsa and Hispanic music beating away in the background early on in the evening, there will be more upbeat music as the nights progress, creating a relaxed and entertaining environment.

“Guests can expect carefully crafted classic cocktails including Negroni, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Mai Tai, Mojito, Daquiri and Gin Martinis, which will all be served in pristine glassware. Manolo has also created its own version of the much-loved Espresso Martini, Cosmo, French Martini, Long Island as well as a delicious Bloody Mary and Gin & Tonic.

“Service will be exceptional, with inspiration taken from the likes of 5 star hotel bars, to New York speakeasies and world-class cocktail bars around the globe. Attentive bartenders with vast experience in luxurious cocktails will welcome and look after guests, ensuring they have an unrivalled, memorable experience.

“A selection of bar snacks will be available including crisps, olives, popcorn and pretzels, making the perfect addition to the cocktails that have been created by the talented team behind Manolo.”

Manolo Blahnik
There is no known connection with shoe designer Manolo Blahnik

Nick Thomas, director of Manolo, says, “Manolo is bringing an entirely different offering to Liverpool. Inspired by the Caribbean, the venue offers a variety of exceptional cocktails that hark from the region, as well as reimagined classics with Manolo’s own take on the originals.

“It's a venue with an intimate atmosphere, where the service focuses on our guests and ensuring everyone has a great time in a relaxed setting. We’re really looking forward to welcoming everyone from Thursday 1st September.”

Manolo 41 Slater Street Liverpool Cocktail Bar Santa Chupitos1
Goodbye, Santa's. Hello, Manolo

Manolo is largely table service with a small standing area for guests. Bookings are available and encouraged. Walk-ins are also accepted, subject to availability.

Manolo opens on Thursday 1 September; opening times are Thursday to Sunday, 6pm - 1am. We’ll be hot footing it down there later in the week. Will we fall head over heels? Watch this space. 

Manolo, 41 Slater St, Liverpool L1 4BX

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