The Indian street food brand adds Liverpool to their roster of restaurants

Bringing high-quality Indian street food to the heart of Liverpool, the team behind Indian Tiffin Room has chosen the city to open their fourth site.

The brand is in its 11th year of trading and cousins and established restaurateur duo, Suresh Rje Urs and Srini Sundaram, already have three other deeply-rooted restaurants in Leeds, Cheadle and Manchester city centre. 

2024 01 25 Indian Tiffin Room Mcr
Srini (left), Selvan (middle), Suresh (right) outside Indian Tiffin Room Manchester Image: Indian Tiffin Room

That's what we're bringing to Liverpool. Exciting, flavourful Indian street food.

Indian Tiffin Room serves a menu inspired by that of roadside vendors of the subcontinent. It’s street food style, but with all the quality and none of the rush - the new Liverpool restaurant has plenty of space for enjoying a relaxing, social meal with friends.

ITR’s recipes are authentic, with techniques passed down from generation to generation. Dishes are designed and quality checked by Head Chef Selvan Arul before they make the final cut onto the extensive menu.

2024 01 25 Indian Tiffin Room Gobi Manchurian
ITR's Gobi Manchurian Image: Confidentials

Everything that leaves the kitchen is prepared to order, made with fresh, quality ingredients packed with flavour. Specialising in thalis and small plates designed for sharing, there’s plenty of options available. 

Everyone is catered for at ITR, with a plethora of vegetarian and vegan dishes to choose from, like Bhel Puri and Vada Pav. They also make a plethora of fruity cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic); perfect for accompanying their flavourful curries such as the Butter Chicken and Kerala Fish Curry. 

Tandoori fans can change up their traditional tandoori chicken for dhaba style instead. With dhaba style chicken, you get the same smoky flavour as tandoori, but with a much richer and luxurious mouthfeel. 

2024 01 25 Indian Tiffin Room Dhaba Style Chicken
ITR's Dhaba-Style Chicken Image: Confidentials

Those with a sweet tooth won’t feel left out either, as there’s plenty for pudding. Choose from traditional desserts like phirni rice pudding and kulfi ice cream as well as vegan kesari bath saffron-infused semolina. Be sure to come hungry.

2024 01 25 Indian Tiffin Room Bhel Puri
ITR's Bhel Puri Image: Confidentials

Speaking on opening their Liverpool restaurant, Srini said "We started in 2013 in Cheadle, moving into Manchester in 2016 and then a natural progression for our campaign to continue putting our restaurant on the map in the North West was Liverpool," adding "It's been on the cards for a couple of years, so finally, we're really excited to be coming to Liverpool. It's a great, culturally vibrant city. We really wanted to be part of that."

"All the amazing food we serve back in Manchester and Leeds, we've brought to Liverpool. It's unique here. I don't think any other restaurant here has got this kind of variety of street food which we serve, from all parts of India," explained Suresh

"That's what we're bringing to Liverpool. Exciting, flavourful Indian street food."

Indian Tiffin Room, Duke St, Liverpool L1 5AG

2024 01 25 Indian Tiffin Room Thumb
Srini and Suresh are excited about the future of their new Liverpool restaurant Image: Confidentials

Watch the video below for a look inside the brand new Indian Tiffin Room Liverpool.

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