‘Central Park’ would sit south of Collingwood Dock at Liverpool Waters

A new public park is in the pipeline as part of the next stage of Peel L&P’s Liverpool Waters development. Spanning 4.7 acres, ‘Central Park’ will sit south of Collingwood Dock. Bringing direct access to parts of the canal and central docks, Peel says it will include a variety of features bringing people together to learn, play and socialise while getting closer to nature. 

The plans that we will submit to Liverpool City Council have been altered to respond directly to the feedback that was received.

The proposals for Central Park are the next phase of Liverpool Waters, a plan to repurpose 60 hectares of former dockland along the River Mersey into mixed use neighbourhoods. 

Central Park Public Park At Peel Lps Liverpool Waters Position On Site
Map of Liverpool Waters shows the location of the park Image: PR

Peel L&P owns and manages 12 million sq ft of property and 20,000 acres of land and water across the UK, with a total portfolio value of over £2.5 billion.

Following a public consultation and engagement exercise, Peel says that 96% of respondents said that the park should provide a home for nature through wild areas and seasonal planting and over 60% said they would use the park to support their active lifestyle. 

Almost half of respondents commented that their memories of Liverpool’s waterfront were connected to the city’s history and heritage. This was reflected again where 79% said that they wanted the new park to include heritage signs and historical information. 

When asked what they would like to see in the park that would encourage them to visit regularly, seating and café facilities, cleanliness, security and accessibility were the most important factors to ensure their regular use.

Central Park Liverpool Peel Waters Ten Streets Cgi
Artist's impression of the new Central Park Image: PR

Three in-person consultation events took place within local neighbourhoods that are in close proximity to the proposed site, and leaflets were distributed to 2,448 homes. A link to an online feedback form was included.

Over 140 responses were received through the online consultation form and 157 people attended the in-person consultation events. Peel says it will host further engagement events on Liverpool Waters over the next six months and submit plans to Liverpool City Council in the autumn. 

Chris Capes, Peel's development director for Liverpool Waters, said: “The plans that we will submit to Liverpool City Council have been altered to respond directly to the feedback that was received through this engagement exercise, and we are confident that the current plans reflect the best version of Central Park that Peel L&P and Liverpool can be proud of."

The plans for Central Park have come under fire from the Save Rimrose Valley campaigners who are fighting to save the green space in South Sefton from a new access road to the Port of Liverpool - owned by Peel Ports. 

This article was originally published on 05/05/2022 and updated 13/09/2022.

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