The Anfield bakery has opened up inside one of Liverpool’s most stunning buildings

They make exceedingly good cakes, not to mention bread and pies, one even bearing the name of Bill Shankly. Now the Homebaked Bakery has brought its award-winning pies from Anfield to one of Liverpool’s most iconic and beautiful city centre buildings.

Profits from the business are reinvested into new jobs, building and other community projects.

Desperate for a slice of the action and undeterred by the roadworks currently making Lime Street like a military assault course, we went down to the cafe at St George’s Hall to see if the pies are still the upper crust.

Homebaked St Georges Hall Liverpool Anfield
Homebaked at St George's Hall Image: Confidentials

The history behind Homebaked

Homebaked Anfield, which sits in the shadow of Liverpool FC’s stadium, opened full time in 2013, a community land trust and co-operative bakery whose aim is to revive the fortunes of an area, left for demolition “loaf by loaf, brick by brick” using money spent in the neighbourhood to benefit its communities. 

It was born out of a Liverpool Biennial art project in 2010, based in the former Mitchell’s bakery shop, which was set to be flattened. It found its feet with an ambition and business plan to become a standalone enterprise. Now, any profits from the business are reinvested into new jobs, building and other community projects.

Since opening their shop in Anfield in 2013, they have become renowned not only for their tasty treats, but also for their commitment to giving something back to their community – from creating job opportunities for local people and supporting food banks right through to providing food parcels for key workers and school children during the pandemic and raising awareness of mental health charities. 

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Homebaked took over the closed Mitchell's Bakery opposite Anfield stadium
20180313 Homebaked Anfield 2
Inside Homebaked Anfield Image: Confidentials

Isn’t there a musical called Homebaked?

Yes, there is. The baking shop was already pretty famous having been on television and in the national newspapers. Then in 2021, the story of Homebaked was turned into a stage musical at the Royal Court, written by Chumbawamba lead guitarist, Boff Whalley.

With the tagline, “Out of hard times, something magical will rise”, Homebaked - The Musical tells the real life story of how the community came together to see off property developers and reclaim their homes and businesses.

Homebaked Anfield Pies St Georges Hall Cafe
Inside the stunning St George's Hall Image: Confidentials

Tell us about the pies!

It was half three in the afternoon when we arrived at the Homebaked cafe in St George’s Hall and they were all out of the legendary Shankly, so it was the chilli beef St George's that caught our pie. Iconic place, iconic pie - brought to our city by 19th century European sailors, and mastered by the men and women of Liverpool for generations. A staple pie of Homebaked Bakery, it comes with beef or vegan. 

Other regulars on the menu include Scouse / vegan Scouse, chicken and veg, and mushroom and brandy. Keep your pie on the ball and you might even bag one of the daily pie specials like the Klopp and Dixie Dean. 

The St George’s pie cost £3.20 to eat in and Homebaked pies rival anything you will find in Greggs, a match-day burger van, or a farmers' market. You can also add on sides like potato wedges and salad. The verdict? The best that money can pie.

Homebaked Pie Shankly St George Klopp Dixie Dean
Spicy - the St George's Pie with chilli beef Image: Confidentials

It is hoped the new city centre venture will attract a new customer base who will be able to enjoy high quality, locally sourced goods, all in the stunning surroundings of the Grade I listed building. Products on sale include pies, sausage rolls, freshly baked bread, sandwiches, homemade soups, cakes and freshly ground coffee.

Homebaked @ St George’s Hall is open Tuesday to Saturday from 8.30am to 4pm.

To find out the latest menu information and news about events and activities, follow @HomebakedBakery on Twitter and Facebook.  

Homebaked, 199 Oakfield Road, Anfield, L4 0UF

Homebaked, St George's Hall, Liverpool L1 1JJ (entrance via the Heritage Centre on St John’s Lane)

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