The bar and live music venue on Duke Street was one of a kind

I miss Sound on Duke Street. Pete Bentham’s Free Rock & Roll, the Bido Lito x Liquidation Christmas quiz, DJ Klaus playing indie bangers. It summed up everything that Liverpool is the best at. Putting on gigs, playing music, having a laugh, giving a f**k about the right things and not giving a f**k about things that don't matter. Everybody was cool and nobody was cool. 

The bar decided to use the wedding of Harry and Meghan to raise money for local food banks.

The quick pints that turned into all-nighters. The ciggy breaks out front where you either made a new friend talking about music or football or politics, or bumped into someone you’d not seen for beards. Unforgettable nights and ones you can’t remember, all in good equal measure.

Sound Duke Street Liverpool 52 Loxbys
Sound? Sound Image: Sound/Facebook

And who can forget when Sound made national news in 2018 with its “F**k the Royals'' party, when the bar decided to use the wedding of Harry and Meghan to raise money for local food banks. They don’t make ‘em like Sound anymore. Do they?

52 Duke Street is now a place called Loxbys. When I first walked past the building after the scaffolding had come down and the doors had opened, I stopped dead in my tracks. "What the f**k is that?!" I muttered to a couple of pigeons and a traffic warden lurking down the side of York Street. 

Sound Duke Street Liverpool 52 Loxbys 2022
Goodbye Sound, hello Loxbys Image: Confidentials

A quick web search suggests the original five-storey property dates back to 1810. A listing on rightmove with CGI images seems to indicate that planning permission has been granted (or could be granted) for an additional two floors for an aparthotel with self-contained entrance. 

Duke Street is developing - great - but does this lurid neon sign spell a new direction for Ropewalks? 

I wish the owners of Loxbys the best of luck with their new venture. I have no doubt that there is a strong market for an eat-in and takeaway joint serving fully loaded burgers seven days a week from 8am to 11pm. Loxbys definitely doesn’t look like the kind of place that would host a “F**k the Royals” party. But you never know. 

Sound Duke Street Liverpool 52 Fck The Royals
The poster from Sound's food bank fundraiser in 2018 Image: Sound/Facebook

While we’re on the subject of Royal celebrations - unless you've had your head stuck in the clouds then you'll know that this year Her Majesty The Queen celebrates her 70-year reign.

A “blockbuster” weekend of celebrations is planned, including a four-day bank holiday weekend from Thursday 2 June - Sunday 5 June to allow the nation to celebrate the historic milestone. Pubs in England and Wales will be allowed to stay open until 1am to allow revellers to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

Liverpool City Council Street Parties Image Getty
A bunting bonanza Image: Getty Images

Liverpool City Council has announced a series of measures to help local residents to celebrate outdoors with their neighbours. The council is waiving road closure fees and will also organise for road closure signage and any traffic management cones to be located in and around the area.

Interested? Fill in the online form on the council’s street party page. Full information can be found at the Liverpool City Council website. I look forward to my invite. 

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