Chef Simeone’s new theme wasn’t built in a day

Paris, Guilty Pleasures, Once Upon A Time. Are you not entertained?! The latest Six By Nico menu has been announced and Chef Simeone is throwing us to the lions with this one. "Ancient Rome", says the PR blurb, will feature “a historically-adapted menu that has been inspired by ancient traditions and interpreted through modern delicacies.”

Our teams have trawled through Roman recipe books to find a way to recreate dishes for the modern foodie

Food has been central to social life throughout human history and it's widely known that the Romans appreciated a good meal. The team from Six by Nico say they have been unearthing ancient recipes to create a historically-adapted menu that brings their gastronomical creations to life in the 21st century.

Six By Nico Rome Cacio E Pepe Crispy Pasta Black Pepper Parmesan Royale
Caesar the day - cacio e pepe Image: PR

From ancient recipes to the use of age-old ingredients widely used in the modern world, Ancient Rome will pay homage to the origins of foods we know and enjoy today. The immersive six course menu includes:

  • Cacio e pepe - crispy pasta, black pepper and parmesan royale
  • Course II - white asparagus, crispy duck egg, hazelnut and brown butter
  • Course III - roasted hispi cabbage, cavatelli pasta, pickled chanterelle mushrooms, truffle foam and pecorino sardo
  • Course IV - Pompeii, sole, smoked mussel, lovage, white turnip and mussel cream
  • Course V - belly of pork fillet, turned rib, cured meat, fennel and toasted fennel seed, date and apple compote, braised fennel
Six By Nico Rome Course 2 White Asparagus Crispy Duck Egg Hazelnut Brown Butter
Course Two - white asparagus with crispy duck egg Image: PR

Unmissable on the tables of the Roman population was a very sweet dessert. They referred to their dessert course as "mensa secunda", or "second meal" and to round off Six by Nico's ancient rome feast, guests will indulge in a final course of honey parfait, ricotta cheese mousse, preserved quince, fizzy muscat grape, pear and citrus, honey tuile.

"Our teams have trawled through Roman recipe books to find a way to recreate dishes for the modern foodie,” says Chef Nico Simeone. 

“Let us not forget that the Romans were resourceful and inventive with their produce, with many of their dishes revealing the origins of Italian cuisine. 

"Ancient Roman cuisine featured a diverse array of unusual dishes, strange food items, and unconventional cooking experiments, and we hope that our interpretation will allow our guests to enjoy the flavours and tastes of ancient Roman cuisine today".

Six By Nico Rome Course 6 Honey Parfait
Mensa secunda - honey parfait with ricotta cheese mousse Image: PR

What that all looks like on the plate is anybody’s guess, but we thoroughly enjoyed the last theme of children’s books and so we’re going to roll with it on this one too. 

Open from midday, Wednesday through Sunday, each six-course menu will be available from noon to night. The Ancient Rome menu is priced at £32 per person with the option to enjoy a wine and specialist drinks pairing for an additional £27. 

As ever, there is a vegetarian alternative available for every course, as well as snack sides available from £8.

‘Ancient Rome’ runs from Wednesday 16 March to Sunday 24 April at Six by Nico Liverpool. 

Six by Nico, North John Street, Liverpool L2 5QY

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