Tickets for the fan club parties go on sale in the New Year

The world’s biggest Eurovision fan club is polishing its dancing shoes as it prepares to host Liverpool’s official Eurovision party next year. The OGAE (Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision) - which is made up of 42 fan clubs from across the world - has announced that it is bringing its EuroClub to Camp and Furnace.

The city is really embracing the Eurovision spirit and is making exciting plans to welcome fans next May.

Eurovision fans in Liverpool will likely already know Camp and Furnace for its annual celebration of the music contest, featuring a big screen and afterparty. Acting as the city’s official Eurovision party venue, the club is set to attract thousands of international fans who will descend on Liverpool in May 2023. 

Eurovision 2023 Liverpool Ukraine
Liverpool is hosting Eurovision on behalf of Ukraine

Liverpool is the UK city hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 on behalf of Ukraine and the grand final will take place on Saturday 13 May.  It is brought to Liverpool by the BBC and the European Broadcasting Union.

The EuroClub is a key part of the wider city offer around Eurovision which also includes the Eurovision Village, Cultural Festival and other event venues - more details of which will be announced in the coming months.

The EuroClub will take over the Baltic Triangle venue for nine nights – from Friday 5 to Saturday 13 May – and as well as some serious dancefloor action each evening, the venue will also play host to special events and gatherings which will celebrate the competing nations.

EuroClub tickets will go on sale in the new year and will include day and weekly passes. A pre-general sale allocation of EuroClub tickets will be available for OGAE members. For the latest information head to the official OGAE website.

Camp And Furnace Eurovision Party
Camp & Furnace already holds an annual celebration of the event

Simon Bennett, president of OGAE International, said, “After three years with no official or OGAE party venue, I am thrilled that there will be a EuroClub organised by OGAE in Liverpool. 

"I am particularly grateful to Liverpool City Council for its enthusiastic support and cooperation. The city is really embracing the Eurovision spirit and is making exciting plans to welcome fans next May. 

"The EuroClub will be a real highlight of Eurovision week and it will be wonderful for the OGAE family to finally be able to come together again for a great party."

Camp and Furnace MD Paul Speed said they were thrilled to be named the official EuroClub 2023. Paul said, "We can’t wait to welcome all Eurovision fans, both international and local. Preparations are well under way, and we look forward to sharing more of our exciting plans with everyone in the new year."

For the latest information on EuroClub head to the official OGAE website. For official Eurovision news, visit

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