Cook Haus and Bier Palace promises a right royal rave up

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for new openings in Liverpool. Hot on the heels of Gaucho and Hawksmoor in the business district (and Hooters, if that’s your bag) comes a huge score for Bold Street as Albert’s Schloss opens its doors.

The transformation of the Cook Haus and Bier Palace has cost around £3m.

Stepping inside what is now the biggest Schloss in the Mission Mars portfolio is a bit like a trip to Hamleys toy store, but with beer and currywurst instead of Barbie and Lego.

Alberts Schloss Liverpool Bold Street2
Albert's Schloss Liverpool

Radiant House was the former home of The Liverpool Gas Company and a building that quite literally lit up Liverpool. The impressive, art-deco building dominates the street and back in its gas company days was a community hub with showrooms, a lecture theatre, roof gardens, tea-rooms and dining suites.

The ground floor at 18-26 Bold Street was last occupied by LIV Organic which closed in January 2020. When you see what Albert’s Schloss has done to the interior of the building, it will blow your nuts off.

Alberts Schloss Liverpool Bold Street3
Bavarian style
Alberts Schloss Liverpool Bold Street4
Alberts Schloss Liverpool Bold Street5
The atrium has been restored

The transformation of the Cook Haus and Bier Palace has cost around £3m and includes the restoration of the 1,000 square-foot glazed atrium as well as installing a new stage, bars, bakery, fresh tank beer system and restaurant dining. The first floor is home to Ludwig’s Tavern, offering artisan schnapps, a vermouth bar, shuffleboard and other tavern games. 

The kitchen is serving up Alpine-inspired dishes from brunch to Sunday luncheon with the main cook haus menu featuring dishes such as French onion soup, fondue, currywurst, schweinshaxe and schnitzel, alongside classics like the baron burger, fish and chips, pan roasted sea bass and Berlin-style flatbread kebabs.

Alberts Schloss Liverpool Bold Street6
Another wunder-bar
Alberts Schloss Liverpool Bold Street7
Festive vibes
Alberts Schloss Liverpool Bold Street 1
Yep, it's an actual fire

A big draw of Albert’s Schloss is its eclectic entertainment schedule, seven days a week. Showtime kicks off on Mondays with “Back to Mein” featuring guest DJs playing their personal record collection, followed by Tuesdays with Bertie’s Band showcasing a "musical exploration of artisanal beats and vibes."

Wednesdays will see Albert’s Schloss specially curated “Kunst Kabaret” (oh, behave) in collaboration with Monkey 47 with flamboyant live performances from the cabaret underworld. Thursdays will present another signature showtime with Baby Grand Slam featuring one stage, two duelling pianists and endless requests from the audience.

Moving on to the weekend, Friday Frölich! features the haus band and interactive artists, continuing with Pleasure Palace on Saturdays for a night of decadence and delight. The Sunday Service will be a wholesome day with live music and rotating DJs; cook haus roasts with grooves, gravy and good times.

Alberts Schloss 593
Showtime entertainment
French Onion Soup From Alberts Schloss
On the menu - French onion soup
Alberts Schloss Liverpool Bold Street Menu Currywurst 2
What's the wurst pun you can come up with?

Opening from 9am, Albert’s Schloss Liverpool will be serving up breakfast until 12pm daily. The breakfast menu includes signature freshly haus-baked Kroissant Royale with sweet slow cooked onions, gouda, Burford Brown fried egg, crispy shallots and chives – with a choice of smoked back bacon, bratwurst, or a vegan Moving Mountains sausage. Other options include pancakes, a full English breakfast, spicy mushroom royale, Turkish eggs and more.

Alberts Schloss Liverpool Bold Street Menu Breakfast 2
Cook Haus brekkie
Alberts Schloss Liverpool Platter
Bavarian feast
Alberts Schloss Liverpool Beer Bar Pils
Bier me up, Albert

The site will also be home to Haus of Schloss, a drinking and dining space with room for up to 14 guests. Ideal for those looking to hire a semi-private space, there are six packages which feature Alpine-inspired food and drink including haus-made schnapps, Bavarian feastin’, Alpine wine, fondue, Bavarian bier + cocktails, plus other offerings such as a cocktail masterclass and boho brunch.

Albert’s Schloss Liverpool opens to the public on Friday 2 December from 9am. For more info and bookings visit Albert's Schloss Liverpool.

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