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We put the meal subscription's recipes to the Confidentials taste test

At Confidentials, we may be a teeny bit obsessed with food but eating out hasn’t been on the agenda much recently and we’re busy people who don’t always have time to shop, chop and cook from scratch every night. Who does?

That’s where HelloFresh comes in. The meal subscription service cuts down on trolley time by bringing the ingredients straight to your door. You can unwind as you cook because the recipes are straightforward and you know that everything’s there. At least that’s the theory – but does it work in practice?

Put it this way, we’ve already signed up. No more 2am trying to bag a supermarket delivery slot for us.

It wasn’t restaurant level cooking but we nailed it. With some help from HelloFresh admittedly.

Why did we love it?

Well, the selection of dishes is huge. Given that holidays abroad are a no-no for the foreseeable future (and we haven’t even been more than a couple of miles from our house for what feels like forever) it’s great to be able to enjoy some of our favourite holiday flavours at home.

Take the firecracker chicken – paired with salt and pepper chips, it took us straight back to the street food markets of Shanghai. It wasn’t the easiest recipe we’ve cooked but patience certainly paid off. Dipping the chicken thighs in the cornflour and soy mix then coating them in panko kept the chicken really crisp but juicy too. The big win? Even the teenager was won over with no complaints about mum’s cooking. For once.

2021 04 01 Hello Fresh Firecracker Chicken 2021 04 01 Hello Fresh Firecracker Chicken Coating 2021 04 01 Hello Fresh Firecracker Chicken Ingredients

The Korean steak was an interesting take on steak night date night that we’d never have come up with at the end of a frazzled Friday. It wasn’t  restaurant level cooking but we nailed it. With some help from HelloFresh admittedly. What’s more, it was easy too meaning we had time to open a bottle of wine while the sesame potatoes cooked

2021 04 01 Hello Fresh Korean Steak 2 2021 04 01 Hello Fresh Potatoes 2021 04 01 Hello Fresh Steak

As for the chicken, chickpea and spinach korma, it was a midweek marvel. No prep, a three-step recipe and on the table in ten minutes. When you’re feeling all Zoomed out, it’s exactly what you need. Simple, quick and satisfying. Low-calorie too but it tasted rich and creamy.

2021 04 01 Hello Fresh Chicken Curry 2021 04 01 Hello Fresh Chicken Curry Finished

Whether you’re a sucker for Italian beef ragu or Moroccan spices, it’s so easy to recreate holiday memories at home or take your taste buds on a trip somewhere new if your holiday plans have been put on hold.

And with plenty of veggie options too, HelloFresh can perk up everyone’s mealtimes.

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