Bavette in Woolton is serving up a tomahawk covered in gold leaf

Now, I ain't sayin' she’s a gold digger, but she ain't messin' with no broke kidda. Woolton has long had a reputation as a stomping ground for footballers and WAGs and now a new restaurant in the village has come up with a dish fit for a Premiership salary.

The 24k tomahawk steak is covered in edible gold leaf and checks in at £159

Bavette has only been open for a few weeks but has already raised the steaks with its premium cuts of meat, including tomahawk, Dallas and T-bone. The first prize for flashing the cash though, has to go to the 24k gold steaks.

Bavette Steakhouse Woolton Restaurant 24K Tomahawk Gold Steak Interior
Bavette in Woolton comes from the same stock as Istanbul BBQ & Bistro

All that glitters is gold? These prime steaks are covered in edible gold leaf, and although the extra bling doesn’t really add any flavour, it does pile a few extra pounds onto your bill. The regular tomahawk steak - which the menu says is prepared on a “flambe car” - costs £39. The 24k gold version checks in at £159. 

A 400g-500g fillet mignon is £55, while the 24k version of that will set you back £129. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

It’s not the first time that a 24k gold steak has been seen on the menu in the UK. In May, it was announced that Turkish-Kurdish chef and restaurateur Salt Bae - aka Nusret Gökçe - would be opening a branch of Nusr-Et in London, serving a £700 golden tomahawk. That price tag actually makes Bavette’s 24k steak seem like an absolute steal.

Bavette is the third restaurant venture from Guven Serce, the man behind the successful Istanbul BBQ & Bistro in Woolton and Allerton

“Bavette Steakhouse is a project that has been in the making for over four years now and we’re excited to see our ideas come into fruition now that our doors are open,” says Guven. 

“We have devised a carefully considered menu that’s been designed to showcase the very best quality meat and offer an education on its nutritional value. The dishes that you’ll find in Bavette are inspired by the things that I love to eat and I’m very proud to give others an opportunity to enjoy them too.

“As well as serving great cuts of meat, I also want to share my industry knowledge, introducing people to new ways of cooking, serving and enjoying their food. Bavette includes exclusive features like our very own meat fridge imported all the way from Europe which is the only one of its kind in the North West.”

Bavette Steakhouse Woolton Restaurant 24K Tomahawk Gold Steak Guven Serce Istanbul
Guven Serce says Bavette will showcase the very best quality meat

The menu at Bavette draws inspiration from America, Mexico and Cuba. Signature starters include beef sushi (£11), grilled octopus (£12) and circassian chicken (£8). As well as dry-aged steak, the main courses feature slow-cooked oven dishes like lamb shoulder and asado beef ribs. To accompany the world-cuisine theme, Bavette stocks a variety of wines from South Africa, New Zealand, South America and Europe.

Guven says he plans to add more restaurants to his portfolio this year with further sites across the North West and beyond. 

“Despite the challenges, this was a fantastic opportunity to build on my experience in hospitality and bring a new culinary concept to the popular Liverpool suburb of Woolton. The area itself has become well known for its food and drink offering, rivalling the city centre, and we hope that Bavette will add to that reputation with a range of premium dishes served within a modern and stylish setting.”

If the 24k tomahawk is a bit beyond your monthly allowance, you’ve got 23 weeks until Christmas to top up your piggy bank. You get your grillz around that gold steak - we’ll stick to a few shots of Goldschläger. 

Bavette Steakhouse, 49 Allerton Rd, Liverpool L25 7RE

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