Red Door cocktail masterclasses

Red Door is all about changing the world one drink at a time. That’s their strapline. Now what if you could change someone’s world with a drink? Oh, ok cheer them up a bit, make someone feel special, liven up a party. Still, a talent not to be sniffed at.

Making cocktails for people is one thing, making cocktails people actually want to drink is another. No-one is going to feel euphoric that you’ve made their favourite cocktail if it tastes like toilet cleaner.

You may not be a cocktail professional but you can learn from the professionals at Red Door and that will do nicely. It’s your door to cocktails that taste amazing.

Rd Masterclasses Cocktail 2

Choose from the Classic Masterclass or the Gin Masterclass and you’ll be shaking it like there’s no tomorrow. The Classic Masterclass costs £25 per person and lets you choose three of the following cocktails: Mango mojito; French martini; Bakewell sour; Strawberry rhubarb; Watermelon martini.

The Gin Masterclass costs £30 per person and includes a pink gin gimlet on arrival and lets you choose three of the following cocktails: Apple and elderflower aviation; Sloe gin fizz; Mrs Jones; Clover club; Negroni.

Rd Masterclasses Cocktail 3

An expert bartender will walk you through exactly how to make each one, sharing their knowledge until you’re confident you can replicate them at home. You don’t have to share the cocktails though, they’re yours to enjoy. And now you know how to make them, you’ll be able to enjoy them whenever you want.

Of course, you don’t want to be on drinks duty at every party from now until the end of time so invite your friends so you can all become experts. Your social life is about to get a lot more sophisticated.

In fact, a cocktail masterclass is a party in itself. It’s the perfect way to kick off a night out. Hen dos, work dos, birthdays – Red Door cocktail masterclasses are great for groups of up to 20.

Soon you’ll be knocking out Watermelon martinis as fast as you can pour a glass of water.