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Take our quiz to find out which of the Dream Wedding Venues Collection is right for you

James’ Places specialises in wedding venues that are as individual as you are. The award-winning Dream Wedding Venues Collection blends a sense of history and occasion with fresh, contemporary interiors that reflect modern romance. Set across the Ribble Valley and Yorkshire Dales, the venues are surrounded by stunning countryside yet easily accessible from Greater Manchester.

But which wedding venue is right for you? Take our quiz and find out.

What’s your perfect wedding day look?

a.) Like a princess – but no meringues

b.) Natural and not too showy with flowers in my hair

c.) Dramatic and designer

d.) Vintage and offbeat

e.) Something classic with a train

How do you spend your weekends?

a.) Relaxing together at home with a bottle of wine and a takeaway

b.) A walk in the country with the dog and then a few beers in the pub

c.) Shopping, hairdressers and dinner at Rosso

d.) Craft ales and cocktails in Ancoats

e.) A trip to an art gallery or museum

Sum up your dream wedding in a few words

a.) Lake Como, Italy

b.) Norwegian Fjords

c.) New York

d.) Hiring a motorhome and driving through America

e.) The Maldives

What’s your TV heaven?

a.) Love Island

b.) Blue Planet

c.) Succession

d.) Peaky Blinders

e.) Bridgerton

Sum up your dream wedding in a few words

a.) Romantic and magical

b.) Simple and relaxed

c.) Magnificent and memorable

d.) Quirky and cool

e.) Fairytale and traditional

Mostly As – Hold your big day at Mitton Hall

Mitton Hall is a stunningly romantic manor house in the Ribble Valley with a picturesque riverside location.

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2022 04 22 Mitton Hall

Mostly Bs – Get wed at the Shireburn Arms

Shireburn Arms is a 17th Century Inn that’s full of country charm, set in the idyllic Ribble Valley.

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2022 04 22 Shireburn

Mostly Cs – Have your wedding at Falcon Manor

Falcon Manor is a dramatic mansion house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales with sweeping staircases and elegant interiors.

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2022 04 22 Falcon

Mostly Ds – Say ‘I do’ at Holmes Mill

Holmes Mill is a former cotton mill in the Ribble Valley which mixes industrial history with a relaxed cool.

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20220422 Holmes Mill Wedding8

Mostly Es – Book Eaves Hall for a wedding to remember

Eaves Hall is a Georgian country house with sumptuous gardens – like something out of a period drama.

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2022 04 22 Eaves Hall