A BID to block a proposal by Redrow to build luxury homes on a slice of the Calderstones/Harthill estate was launched today.

Local residents have submitted a "village green" application for parts of the estate, including the paddock, woodland and nature trail.

The city council wants to sell the land, saying it is an area of the estate not open to the general public.  Three occupants if the land, the Beechley Riding Stables For The Disabled, an adventure play centre and the miniature railway, will be relocated to make way for the housing scheme.

The Village Green application has been put together by local residents Katie and Richard Breed, supported by the Friends of Harthill & Calderstones Park and local councillors Andrew Makinson and Richard Kemp.

Ms Breed said: “I have lived in this area all my life and I have many friends and family members here who have always been able to use the land for recreational and educational purposes. There is plenty of land on which to build housing in the city without attacking our green spaces. 


"If Liverpool is to prosper we need to keep the land as green space. This land has always been the ‘village green’ for thousands of people with access through Beechley House and from the main section of Calderstones Park."

Land with Village Green status receives protection equivalent to Green Belt, ruling out new development other than in very special circumstances. According to Government guideline: "Sites may be designated for a variety of reasons, including their setting, nature conservation benefits, or their quietness."

The news comes days after Mayor Joe Anderson unveiled plans to open a new park on disused land in Kirkdale.


Rosemary Brice, of the Friends of Harthill & Calderstones Park, added: “Ever since 1914 when the Harthill Estate was purchased by the council to join with the Calderstones Estate they have been recognised as being one unit and as being one  facility for local people. This land is much loved by local people and indeed by the people from all over the city who use it."

Cllr Makinson said: "The Harthill estate has no less than 8 ‘listings’(s) on it including Beechley House, the haha and all the entrance gates off Harthill Road. The Redrow/Council Partnership are already seriously behind their own targets for public consultation and involvement. The easiest thing for them to do is to drop this ill-thought out proposal."



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