Be a (trainee) chef for the afternoon

Travelling and food. They’re a match made in heaven. And I think I can speak for the majority of us when I say, when it comes to food-inspired travelling destinations, there’s just nowhere in the world quite like Thailand.

When you’re in Thailand, the senses take over. Inhibitions are lost amidst the smells of sizzling spices, which lead you down to the chaotic food markets where culinary masters are at work.

It’s a food lover’s paradise: it’s raucous and exciting – and when you return home, if you’re anything like me, you set off on a mission to recreate the flavours of all the dishes you’ve just encountered.

But as you quickly find out, it’s not as easy as they made it look. Despite your best efforts, you just can’t get it right: you can’t quite figure out the enigma of Thai cooking or put your finger on that all-important ingredient of authenticity.

Well my friends, get your aprons at the ready and ponder no more because now you can unlock the secrets of Thai cooking right here on your doorstep.

Chaophraya, one of the city’s best-loved Thai restaurants, is offering a completely hands-on experience with its very own cooking class. And the best part? You get it to eat it all, of course.

So, what does it entail?

2020 03 03 Chaophraya 1 2020 03 03 Chaophraya Close Up Dish

For £69 you’re a chef for the afternoon as you learn to master the art of Thai cooking. The experience is completely immersive: you get your own personal cooking station and you’ll singlehandedly prepare three classic Thai dishes.

Got questions? Ask away. Your teacher has the answer to all your queries and is happy to suggest substitutes, should you have any dietary requirements.

After a welcome drink and a seemingly never-ending basket of prawn crackers, the cooking will begin. Before each dish the recipe is explained and after a quick demonstration, it’s time to rock and roll – spring roll, that is. 

Yes, your feast begins with the preparation of spring rolls – but just how quickly will you get the hang of it? There’s a bottle of beer on offer for the best-looking portion.

You’ll get to enjoy the fruits – or rolls – of your labour while they’re still piping hot – just don’t eat them all up, you’ve got two more courses yet to prepare and enjoy.

You’ll make your green curry just exactly how you like it: sweet, salty or extra spicy if you’re brave enough, leaving just enough room for a simple yet classic Thai dessert. Anything you don’t finish can be packed up and taken away as a subtle way for you to show off your new-found talent to hungry loved ones back at home.

It’s a fun and immersive experience that can be enjoyed by all, from aspiring home cooks to well-seasoned travellers, and it’s a cracking gift for anyone with a genuine love of Thai food. And while you might not be cooking on the banks of the Chao Phraya river, you have got a pretty decent view of our very own River Mersey – and well that’s practically the same thing, isn’t it?

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