ATTILO Sergi is a familiar face to aficionados of Italian grub struggling through life on the Northern Line. The pasta king of Southport Promenade made inroads into Old Hall Street last year, taking over the old Via Veneto restaurant which for years was a bar whose name no one cares to remember.

But what's this?

"Following the installation of a new state-of-the-art Caffe-Bar area, Trattoria 51 has unveiled its exclusive breakfast menu," it says here.

"A wide assortment of breakfast bites" will be available from 7am Monday-Saturday, "together with a range of Italian barista-style beverages" (coffee).

Sergi said: “As our ethos is to bring a true taste of Italy to the North West, not only have we devised a great selection of all-time favourites and continental choices to suit a variety of palates and appetites – we’ve also incorporated authentic Italian speciality dishes into our new breakfast menu.”

Pre-work diners can enjoy panettone slices, croissants, biscotti and toasted focaccia with grilled vegetables, caramelised onions and goats cheese. Gluten-free variations are also available - and they do takeaway.

That's if you can be lured from other Trattoria 51 breakfast specialities - namely the bacon bap and ham and cheese toastie. Just, of course, like Mama used to make.