A CALL for Liverpool to close the city centre to all traffic on Sundays in summer has been put forward by a city council Green Party councillor.

Anna Key, a councillor in St Michael’s ward, has put forward her plan to today’s meeting of the council’s culture committee.

She cites Bristol's successful, summer Make Sundays Special’ initiative and recently even Paris tried out a vehicle free Sunday.

"The Make Sundays Special initiative by Bristol City Council gives people in that city the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities free from concerns about motorised traffic,” said Cllr Key.

Cllr Key says the popularity of the recent Sky Ride in Liverpool, when roads between Sefton Park and the city centre became traffic free, demonstrates how popular her idea would be.

She wants the city council to carry out a feasibility study within three months to examine the prospects of a traffic-free scheme in Liverpool. 

She told Liverpool Confidential: “My family took part in Skyride recently and it was brilliant to be able to cycle along Upper Parliament Street with no vehicles around.

“My idea would be for the city centre to be closed to vehicles on the first Sunday of the summer months. It would give people the chance to enjoy cycling, street theatre, entertainment, craft fairs.  If there was a big enough loop in the city centre for cyclists I am sure it would be popular.

“In Bristol they overcame difficulties and it is now a huge success there and I am sure it would be popular here in Liverpool. If people travelled to the city centre on public transport it could even win more converts to buses and trains.

“In Paris they measured the traffic pollution on their vehicle free day and there was a dramatic fall.

“The desire for people to cycle in Liverpool is demonstrated by the high volume use of the Citybike scheme.

“We should also acknowledge the council’s commitment to increase cycling and other forms of physical activity as a means of tackling obesity and to improve the general fitness of the population.”

Cllr Key added: “This is definitely worth looking at as a way of encouraging people to cycle and enjoy our city centre free from traffic fumes.  The environmental benefits would be huge.”