How is one of the Liverpool’s most iconic locations looking during it’s multi-million pound re-development?

Back in 2016 we published a somewhat scathing piece pre-empting the demolition of Liverpool’s historic Wolstenholme Square. Well admit, the trenchant undertones were a defense tactic put in place to disguise our nostalgic mourning for what once was. Flash forward four years or so and were starting to come around to the idea as the redevelopment continues to take shape.  

The reason for our aforementioned resistance (and we werent alone on this) was due to Wolstenholme Squares rich, wonderful past as one of the citys most iconic locations - a legacy which ought to be protected at all costs. A cost, it seems, which is actually coming in the form of a £100m redevelopment of the area which was established around 1750 and centuries later housed two of Liverpools most notorious nightclubs: Cream and Nation. Both are immortal in memory, but not in bricks nor mortar. 

We’re expecting to see pure magic happen as they becoming one melting pot of fun, frivolity and great food

As part of the project, which aims to give CPR to an area that has been reliant on the surrounding hustle and bustle as its life support for a long time, comes 10-storey apartment block, One Wolstenholme Square. Owned by Elliot Group, the residential domicile will dominate three sides of the square, framing an eclectic collection of venues (gym, cafes, restaurants, bars) which will connect Wolstenholme Square to its network of neighbouring streets. This of course includes the illustrious Duke Street and Seel Street – both of which will be easily accessed from the main square. 

2020 02 24 Penelope Wolstenholme Square

There are also 10 commercial units under offer as part of the multi-million-pound plight for revival, so a majority of the new tenants are still to be confirmed and broadcast. We too are hanging on the edge of our seats but were all just going to have to sit tight for the time being. 

However, there is already plenty in and around Wolstenholme Square to get giddy about so we thought wed check in and take a look at how things are shaping up so far with the development on the food and drink front…

20191020 Clockworks Bar 867X454


Clockworks is an esteemed choice amongst us at Confidentials for its rustic interpretation of classic British comfort food. We recently caught up with co-owner Jordan Bergson towards the end of last year to get all the latest jangle and we got chatting about how the entire concept was born after him and his mate moved to Liverpool and could never find a decent pie. They decided to plug their own gap and create somewhere that specialised in good, honest grub, great beers and bangin’ taste in rock music. So if quintessential British fare with a Steampunk attitude in uber cool surroundings sounds like your jam, make sure Clockworks is on your radar.  A plate of their black pudding bon bons is almost like a right of passage. 

Clockworks, 11 Wolstenholme Square, L1 4JJ

2019 11 25 Stonecutters Liverpool


Also known as the sacred pizza society, Stonecutters is still fairly new to the scene despite feeling like a pair of old favourite slippers already. Born and raised by the same hands as those behind Clockworks, Stonecutters is the sibling we could all only dream of having. Think stone baked pizza, antipasti, cocktail and wine bar with a vibe that somehow finds a sweet spot between sexy and industrial – a nod to the squares heritage with all the style and sophistication of today. Ingredients are seasonal and local so the menu is moveable but consistently delicious. 

Stonecutters13 Wolstenholme Square, L1 4JJ

20200211 Seven Bro7Hers Middlewood Locks Beer Flight 2 600X600

Seven Bro7hers 

This place is yet to open but is the first of the new tenants to be confirmed by Elliot Group. Seven Bro7hers (or Seven Brothers) is a local, Northern brewery founded by yep, you guessed it, seven brothers. Their HQ is based in Salford where they rose to fame through making beer by utilising cast off Kelloggs cereals. The guys have combined multiple units and are currently in the process of transforming the 2,750 sq. ft. bar and taproom into a venue which they hope will 'kickstart an independent vibe' in Wolstenholme Square. 

Seven Bro7hers, TBA

20200203 Pattersons Img 5179 600X450


Pattersons and Penelope are two parts of Wolstenholme Square that have been around for a good wee while now and thankfully, wont be going anywhere. Penelope is the weird but wonderful technicolour sculpture in the middle of the square, which was commissioned for the 2006 Biennial and is one of the largest pieces of public art in the city. Pattersons is the popular fried chicken joint just down the way, a stones throw from the square itself, which has been serving up its famous menu of secret-blend crunchy chicken here since 2015. Take on the Quadruple Bypass Burger challenge if you dare but whatever you do, dont leave without scranning some Katsu tater tots which come in measures of somesome more, or shit loads

Pattersons, 28 Gradwell Street, L1 4JH

2019 07 08 Pilgrim Inside Duke Street Market

As we mentioned earlier, part of the project is also about pedestrianising the routes between Wolstenholme Square and both Duke Street and Seel Street. Each of these adjoining roads is a hive of activity in its own right so we’re expecting to see pure magic happen as they becoming one melting pot of fun, frivolity and great food. Seel Street is where you’ll find the new Seel Street Hotel By Epic and city-favourite, Kazimier Garden; and on Duke Street, look out for The Brunch ClubVolpiDuke Street Market and PINS Social Club

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2020 02 06 Pins Social Club Liverpool

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