Local business, The Fermentation Station, gets behind good guts

Kimchi, kombucha, kefir, kraut. Fermented foods are on everyone’s lips and people around the world have used them for centuries to improve the health of their digestive and immune system. The natural activity of fermentation produces live probiotics (what we often call “good bacteria”) as well as B vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. 

We work closely with local farmers, producers, and businesses to reduce waste and promote seasonal eating

Kombucha, as a popular example, is an ancient tea tonic that many people believe helps prevent and manage serious health conditions, from blood pressure to cancer. Kombucha can be found in health stores and most major supermarkets, but how do you know what you’re getting is the real deal?

Fermentation Station Liverpool Kombucha Local Kefir Pickles Shop
The Fermentation Station has an online shop

Buying local is one way. Amy Yarker and Sam Watson created The Fermentation Station from their own kitchen in South Liverpool. In just a year the business has gone from strength to strength with their award winning bread and butter pickles being one of their most sought after products. 

The online stores stocks fermented drinks such as kombucha, water kefir, and tepache, and fermented food including sauerkraut, mustard and hot sauce. 

Customers are keen to learn more about the ancient process, so Amy and Sam also run regular workshops, which chime with the growing appetite for healthy foods, such as vegan, dairy and gluten-free fayre.

Fermentation Station Liverpool Kombucha Local Kefir Amy And Sam
We ferment to be together - Amy Yarker and Sam Watson

Amy says, “The Fermentation Station grew out of a real passion for food, the community it creates, the traditions it harbours, and the cultures it engages. 

"We produce traditional and sustainable fermented food and drinks which are probiotic, small-batch and plant-based. What we love most is that we work closely with local farmers, producers, and businesses to reduce waste and promote seasonal eating through fermentation.”

As the business has grown, Amy and Sam have decided to take their passion for food to the next level with bigger premises to meet demand.

Amy says, “We want to take our business to the next level and are really pleased to be relocating from our home kitchen to The Matchworks, in Speke, South Liverpool.  

"Because of the challenges of the last few years, we can’t do this alone and have launched a Crowdfunder to help us realise our dream.”

Fermentation Station Liverpool Kombucha Local Kefir Winter Collection
A selection of the kombucha drinks

Sam says, "Having more space will allow us to create bigger batches of ferments and help in our wider mission fighting food waste, raising awareness of gut health and creating a greater community around workshops and educational classes -  supporting and involving the local community is extremely important to us."

"To make this the best version of the space possible we are crowdfunding and we need the help of the amazing communities around us. We know the pandemic has hit everyone hard and with rising costs living life is hard for a lot of people. Any help no matter how small would help us hugely."

Fermentation Station Liverpool Kombucha Local Kefir Matchworks Crowdfunder
The new premises in The Matchworks
Fermentation Station Liverpool Kombucha Local Kefir Dog Bean
Bean the dog has become the star of a children's book

Amy and Sam have created a number of exclusive rewards for people to buy via the Crowdfunder, including corporate team away day packages, fermentation subscriptions and even a specially created children's book featuring their beloved dog, The Bean. 

The team have worked closely with several local independent businesses to bring exclusive Crowdfunder rewards, including RMO Studios, Neighbourhood Coffee, Black Lodge Brewery, Plattsville Bakehouse, Jostle Bakers, Legs Wine, and Living Vicariously.

The Crowdfunder ends on 10 April 2022 and you can pledge on the link here: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/help-tfs-grow

The Fermentation Station: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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