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Two courses for £16.50 (drama and flames included)

Dinner and theatre is a well-worn combination – but what if you could combine the two? We’re not talking about eating dinner in front of a full-scale production of Starlight Express here. What we want to do is to bring your attention to the Japanese art of the Teppanyaki grill, where culinary showmanship meets great food.

Teppan translates as ‘iron plate’, or a central heated flat surface grill used to cook a range of yaki, or grilled/fried dishes, in front of diners seated around it. It’s quite the experience to watch a skilful teppanyaki chef preparing the food at lightning speed, together with a few entertaining tricks up their sleeves – sometimes quite literally.  

Each of Sapporo Teppanyaki’s highly experienced chefs have spent over five years in training to become a master of their craft and watching them cook in front of your eyes on the flaming hotplate can be a thrilling, fun and sometimes interactive experience with a few surprise thrown in.

Sapporo Early Diner Chicken Sapporo Early Diner Salmon

Sapporo Teppanyaki offers a range of menus to suit a variety of occasions from a quick lunch to a more leisurely dinner. Their early diner menu, of two courses for £16.50, is a particularly good deal and provides the perfect opportunity to visit - especially of you’ve never experienced the Teppanyaki style of cooking before.

To start, choose between small plates of assorted nigiri sushi (salmon, tuna and prawn), warm chicken gyoza or vegetable tempura before the main event. All teppanyaki hotplate dishes come with Sapporo fried rice, assorted stir-fried vegetables and sautéed sliced potatoes. Choose between grilled fillet of chicken with soy sauce, teriyaki salmon, yakisoba vegetables or sirloin steak with either chilli and garlic, garlic or teriyaki sauce (+£3 supplement.) Also included is a complimentary drink.

Sapporo’s early diner menu is available between 12-6pm Monday-Friday and 12-4pm on Saturday and Sunday. Sit back and relax as you watch their talented chefs prepare your meal in a uniquely theatrical style, quite unlike anything you’ll find in more ‘ordinary’ restaurants.