Texas barbecue favourites and all the tequila you can handle

Woof woof.

There’s a new menu of Texan barbecue brilliance at Red Dog Saloon and it will have you literally howling with pleasure like a feral canine.

With some fancy new starters like Nashville-style fried oysters and scallops with bearnaise and pancetta, Red Dog proves it’s not all about the meat.

But the meat is good. Really good.

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Food like the Philly cheesesteak hoagies, the Coney Island dogs, the Nashville hot chicken tenders and the chopped beef barbecue sandwiches with mustard bbq sauce and dill pickles are enough to tempt a tofu-eater to become a red-blooded carnivore.

That’s without even taking into account the famous barbecue platters - load your own with your favourite meaty goodness or choose a ready-made classic like the USS New York loaded with burgers or barbecue sandwiches, Nashville chicken tenders, hickory-smoked pork shoulder, USDA brisket, mac and cheese and meaty pit beans. Yep, it’s named after a battleship because it’s so big.

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Now about those burgers. The new menu now offers those stacked beauties in XL and double XL size. You can’t even begin to imagine a behemoth like the General Patton or the Doomsday Device in this gargantuan format. Go on, we dare you.

If you’re still committed to plant-based dining after all this temptation, then go for the Beyond Meat burger and lose the cheese.

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It wouldn’t be Red Dog without a word on those saloon offerings. There’s now an extended cocktail offering that continues the bar's dedication to sours and margaritas as well as other refreshments from the Americas. Don’t miss the Agwa Mojito made from a Bolivian spirit distilled from the coca leaf.

As well as cocktails, beer in bottles and on draught, wine and some pretty excellent frozen custard malt shakes, Red Dog stocks what must be the most extensive collection of agave, mezcal and tequila this side of the Atlantic. Possibly.

Discover the lure of hard liquor and barbecue flavour at Red Dog Saloon.

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