Special three-stack burger showing at Almost Famous until 3 November

THAT’S not red sauce, it’s– oh wait, no it’s red sauce. Still, you can eat your way through your fave fright-night franchises at Almost Famous Liverpool with the dirty burger joint’s new American Horror Story stack. 

From PulpFiction’s Royale with Cheese to inspiration courtesy Children Of The Corn, this is modern Americana reimagined, Almost Famous style. Described on the AF flyer as “sickeningly good”, the stack combines three different dishes to sink your teeth into. 

First up, it’s the Fat Ass Candied Bacon Double Cheese, which is already something of a mouthful. Exhibit number one contains an extra dripping juicy double cheeseburger – that’s two patties – with Disney-fried bacon (candied and killed with magic), griddled white onion and pickles, Famous Sauce, Bacon Bacon Mayo and Bacon Ketchup. In a bun, don’t forget.

Now of course, that’s not enough to get you through the night, so you’re gonna need a bigger plate. How about they add a K-Pop Slider? Yep, that’s a mini bun stuffed with crunchy buttermilk fried chicken, spicy Korean BBQ sass (the red sauce, right?) and a pickle. Even antiheroes need their five-a-day, after all… so let’s top it all off with a corn dog. No, you’re right, it has nothing to do with corn, but it is a sausage on a stick, dipped in bacon sauce, so everyone’s a winner – everyone who’s not a loser, that is.

Af X Halloween 3082

Freak us, you’ll need a drink to wash down that victim, and thankfully there’s also a cocktail special with your name on it. The Almost Famous Zombie, mixing up Bacardi, Appleton VX, Wray Nephew, cherry heering, falurnum, absinthe, citrus, tropical juices – on fire at £9.50.

The special main feature is running until 3 November so you can still get your sauce-stained hands on it beyond Halloween, after All Saint’s Day and even once the Day Of The Dead is buried.

Don’t have nightmares…

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