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IT'S a dire warning, and it is currently emblazoned in an expensive series of billboards across Merseyside and, undoubtedly, the rest of the British Isles.

The nation quietly gears up for the Olympics to come to town - London town - where “certain roads may be affected by the Games”

Rows of hurdles punctuating stretches of Charing Cross Road? Javelins at dawn across High Street Kensington? We may never know, or care even less. 

The posters - this one opposite Kings Dock - are part of an awareness campaign, run by various transport agencies and the Mayor of London's Office, to tell us what we could not have avoided guessing, if we could have been bothered thinking about it in the first place. 

But wait. The message points us to a website,, where we are reminded that, actually, this hotly anticipated orange cone-fest does have a direct bearing upon us up north.

Diversions, it tells us, might be in place on some roads around Old Trafford when the football element of the Olympics visits Manchester.

Should the rest of us give a monkey's toss of the discus yet? Well only that we all didn't carve lucrative careers in advertising and event PR.

Expect more relevant public information notices around your way such as:

"Certain Olympic events may be affected by queuing";

"Certain British Olympic athletes may disappoint";

"Certain Popes may be Catholic".