Round The Corner is now open on Kempston Street

BACK in September, Jennie Macaulay reported on the businesses breathing new life into London Road and Islington - the area known as Liverpool’s “Fabric District.” The area is undergoing a transformation - what was once an industrious area made up of tailors, seamstresses and material warehouses, is now seeing creative hubs and leisure spaces spring up.

Our aim is to create an inclusive space in the city centre

Now, another independent venue has opened on Kempston Street. Round The Corner is a brand new independent cocktail bar run by three friends; Andy, Jake and Sean. 

Round The Corner Bar Fabric Disrict Liverpool Sean Taylor 4
The venue has a rooftop cocktail bar Image: Sean Taylor

They say the vision for Round The Corner is simple; “good drinks, good times and no nobheads.”

Fair enough.

“Our aim is to create an inclusive space in the city centre, where you’re welcomed as if you are a guest in someone’s home rather than a customer," the lads say. 

"Where you feel welcome, whoever you are, where the bartender knows your name, and you know theirs.”

Round The Corner Bar Fabric Disrict Liverpool Sean Taylor 3
Innovative design includes a lighting fixture made from recycled vintage cameras Image: Sean Taylor

The building has a fascinating history. In 1868, at the age of 20, with some help from Uncle Samuel, Owen Owen opened his own draper's emporium at 121 London Road, Liverpool.

Over the years the store expanded, and Owen Owen had the stables at 47 - 51 Kempston Street. Historian Philip Mayer notes that the stables were built in the late 1890s, between 1895 and 1900.

Converting the building into a functioning bar was quite a task, as it had fallen into serious disrepair over the years. But Andy, Jake and Sean have done an incredible job of transforming the top floor and roof area into a bright and airy bar with a cosy cabin feel. 

As part of the vision of creating a welcoming space, they have tried to build a bar for the modern age, by installing gender neutral toilets, and where possible, using reclaimed materials for the build.

There has also been a focus on supporting local and smaller independent brewers, such as Top Rope and Twisted Wheel, something they hope to build on as they move forward.

Round The Corner Bar Fabric Disrict Liverpool Fb
The renovation was a big project Image: Round the Corner / Facebook
Round The Corner Bar Fabric Disrict Liverpool Vicky Andrews
Where possible, reclaimed materials were used for the build Image: Confidentials

Round The Corner features a partially roofed outdoor space, cocktail bar, and a lighting fixture made from recycled vintage cameras. There’s even a Mortal Kombat arcade machine free for guests to play. 

The first major event taking place will be LGBTQ+ DJs Yeah Jackie's third annual Queer New Year on 31 December. Future plans include regular quizzes, open mic nights, student events and more.

Round The Corner will be officially opening its doors to the public on Sunday 28 November, but if you’re itching for a sneak peak then there’s a soft launch on Friday 26 and Saturday 27. Free tickets are available from Eventbrite.

Round The Corner, 51 Kempston St, Liverpool, L3 8HE

For the latest updates follow Round The Corner on Facebook.

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