How many of these spooky sites have you been to?

Has a poltergeist ever pinched your pint, or has a ghostly apparition ever cast an eerie cloud across your G&T? If so, it might be because you’re having a drink in one of Liverpool’s haunted pubs.

A recent survey counted no less than 22 spooky sites across the city. The research, carried out by holiday letting specialist Stay in Cornwall, was part of a larger analysis of the ‘most haunted cities’ in the UK. London took Britain’s top spot for a spooky night out, with 117 haunted pubs, followed by Brighton counting 42 pubs that are told to be frequented by ghouls. Liverpool came joint third with York which both had 22 listed haunted pubs each.

The report used four factors to calculate an overall ranking score to determine the UK’s most haunted cities; use of the hashtag #halloween on social media, the number of abandoned buildings in that city, candy retail sale figures, and the number of haunted places found in each city.

Here are the top five most haunted pubs around Liverpool:

2018 10 26 Haunted Liverpool Slaughterhouse

The Slaughter House

Said to be one of the city’s oldest pubs, The Slaughterhouse earned its name from dark stories surrounding its former landlord, who was also a butcher – so it’s a gruesome Sweeney Todd tale. Visit the paranormal pub on Fenwick Street for yourself to find out about the ghouls’ previous lives.

The Slaughterhouse, 13-15 Fenwick St, Liverpool L2 7LS

2018 10 26 Haunted Liverpool Old Post Office

The Old Post Office

Legend has it that a “nameless terror” still lingers in one of the rooms upstairs at The Old Post Office, and that it has even has the power to drive a person irreversibly insane.

Old Post Office, 17 Old Post Office Pl, Liverpool L1 3DH

09 18 2018 Liverpool Cosy Peter Kavanaghs

Peter Kavanagh’s

It is said that a séance was held in the building at around 1844, during which a ghost called Marmaduke broke the circle and escaped – it is believed that he still haunts Peter Kavanagh’s.

Peter Kavanagh's 2-6 Egerton St, Liverpool L8 7LY

2018 10 26 Haunted Liverpool Cambridge

The Cambridge

The Cambridge counts two ghostly visitors: a man-hating woman who was left by her lover and who is now scratching men’s cheek. The other one is said to be a kilted Scotsman playing bagpipes. 

The Cambridge Pub, 51-53 Mulberry St, Liverpool L7 7EE

2018 10 26 Haunted Liverpool Adelphi

Britannia Adelphi Hotel

The city centre Adelphi Hotel and Spa has seen many guests over the past hundred years. It is said that pageboy Raymond Brown still haunts the premises – he died following an accident in 1961, during which he got trapped in the room lift. Another ghostly visitor is George, who took his own life in 1931. 

Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Ranelagh St, Liverpool L3 5UL

The full list of reportedly haunted pubs:

  • Adelphi Hotel and Spa at Liverpool
  • Bier Newington at Liverpool
  • Cavern Club at Liverpool
  • Cobden Vaults at Liverpool
  • Coffee House at Liverpool
  • Dog and Gun at Liverpool
  • Jamaica House Hotel at Liverpool
  • Old Post Office at Liverpool
  • Peter Kavanaghs at Liverpool
  • Railway Hotel at Liverpool
  • The Beehive at Liverpool
  • The Belvedere at Liverpool
  • The Cambridge at Liverpool
  • The Coffee House at Liverpool
  • The Derby Arms at Woolton
  • The Empire at Liverpool
  • The Everyman Bistro at Liverpool
  • The Ma Boyles Oyster Bar at Liverpool
  • The Oxford Hotel at Liverpool
  • The Poste House at Liverpool
  • The Slaughterhouse at Liverpool
  • The Swan Inn at Liverpool
  • The Vines at Liverpool
  • Ye Hole In Ye Wall at Liverpool