Liverpool has been named the capital of fun in a new map which pinpoints the UK's pleasure zones and miseryvilles.

In a nationwide study, almost half of Liverpudlians claimed life was one big knees up on the banks of the Mersey. 

The people of Nottingham and stressed out Glaswegians came rock bottom in the fun factor table, with Londoners deemed the most uncaring people in the land and Mancunians the least outgoing.

The survey of 2,237 adults found that British people blame money as greatest barrier to having a good time. But not in Liverpool where 48 percent of people said they had "a lot of fun" in everyday life, compared the national average of 36 percent. 

They listed going out with friends (35 percent) and attending family parties as their most fun activities.

When it came to killing the mood, however, nothing did it better than visiting the in-laws with 23 percent of those polled in the city admitting it was their most hated activity, the highest percentage in the UK.

The research was part of a global study carried out by footwear giant Croc Inc. It looked at the state of fun in the UK and the data was weighted to reflect the country’s profile of adults based on age, sex and geographic region.

It found that age 23 is when we have the most fun, but the over 60s are having more fun than teenagers. Two thirds of respondents felt the need to have more fun in their lives and a third couldn't remember how to have fun. Three quarters of parents admit to feeling too stressed to have fun.

Are you having a laugh? Then you must live up north 

o    The city in the UK where people have the most fun
o    Half of Liverpudlians (48%) - claim to have 'a lot of fun' in everyday life, compared the national average of 36%
o    The city in the UK where people are having the least fun - less than a third (29%) claim to have 'a lot of fun’
o    Residents here rank as the most cheerful, most spontaneous and as having the highest number of friends in the UK
o    More than four in five (84%) Glaswegians admit to feeling too stressed to have fun – the highest figure in the UK and cite being too busy with work (36%) and not having enough money (34%) as the biggest barriers to having fun
o    The second most cheerful city, after Edinburgh
o    The region that most strongly believes we need to have more fun as a nation (83%) and that Brits are too serious (62%)
o    The most outgoing region with half (48%) admitting to being so
o    The most reserved region – less than a third (31%) admit to feeling ‘outgoing’
o    A quarter (25%) claim taking part in a sporting activity is the most fun, whereas more than one in ten (16%) claim cooking is the least fun
o    The least caring region -  only a third (35%) admit to caring about friends and family
o    More than one in ten (11%) claim hosting a dinner party is their most fun activity


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