Community food spaces unite for Food Aid Liverpool

What does good food mean to you? We now all face this cost of living crisis and a huge and ever-increasing number of people in Liverpool are seeking help to put food on the table.

We knew something urgent had to be done to help the people and families of our communities.

To help support and raise awareness around food inequality, The Florrie and Feeding Liverpool are partnering with food spaces right across Liverpool to host a fundraising music festival on Saturday 1st April 2023.

The Florrie Credit Ian Broadhurst Sq
The Florrie on Mill Street Image: Ian Broadhurst

Set up in 2015 as a local pilot of Feeding Britain, Feeding Liverpool is a food alliance, connecting and equipping people and organisations to work towards good food for all. The charity campaigns, hosts events and supports food projects as well as raising funds and food donations to support access to healthy food and raise awareness. 

Feeding Liverpool has built a directory of places where local people can access good food with many places also connecting with activities or services beyond food. There are currently more than 50 “Community Food Spaces” across the city, but they are in urgent need of funds and food donations to cope with ever increasing demand.

Food Aid Liverpool Poster 2

The Florrie itself is one of the city’s Community Food Spaces. The Florrie Community Shop is a food union providing anyone in Liverpool, no matter your circumstances, access to affordable groceries, toiletries, baby products and clothing. They also deliver food parcels to vulnerable people in the community. 

Those who sign up to become members get access to affordable weekly shops for their household, with ten items costing just £5. Items vary week to week and include fresh food, store cupboard essentials, household items, frozen goods, toiletries, and confectionery. Members also have access to a range of discount clothing, other household goods, seasonal items, and special offers from time to time.

Laurence Fenlon from The Florrie says, “The moment we had to turn people away, as we could no longer cope with demand, we knew something urgent had to be done to help the people and families of our communities. 

"We quickly realised this wasn’t just our issue but the entire city’s, which urged us to create Food Aid Liverpool to hopefully end food poverty in our city and raise urgent funds through the festival.”

Food Aid Liverpool is at The Florrie on Saturday 1 April 2023, 2pm-11pm. Tickets (£25+booking fee, minimum age 14+) go on sale 9am Friday 4 November from Food Aid Liverpool. Find out how you can further support Food Aid Liverpool and get involved by or contact Laurence Fenlon on email or 0151 728 2323

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