Lerpwl serves up catch of the day with the best view in the world

There’s nothing like a bit of sunshine to get Confidentials in the mood for a glass of fizz, and what better place to soak up the rays than Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock.

With premium seafood and a nice little glass of sparkling, what’s better than to be looking out at that view?

Making the most of the weather - and what must be one of the best views in the world - Ellis and Liam Barrie of Lerpwl restaurant have launched a new al fresco seafood menu on the terrace.

Lerpwl Albert Dock Liverpool Oyster Bar Seafood Langoustines
Scottish langoustines Image: Confidentials

The Liverpool-born Barrie brothers were founders of the much acclaimed and award-winning Marram Grass in Anglesey. With a nod to the influence both settings have had on their careers, "Lerpwl" is Welsh for Liverpool. 

The vision behind the Albert Dock restaurant keys into the links Liverpool has as a port and its connectivity with the rest of the British Isles and North Wales.

Gordo was mightily impressed with Lerpwl’s a la carte offering, visiting not long after the restaurant first opened in 2020. Since then, they’ve added a Capricious menu for those looking for a more relaxed visit with dishes fresh from the fish bar or charcuterie selection.

Lerpwl Albert Dock Liverpool Menai Oyster Bar
Menai oysters served "natural" Image: Confidentials
Lerpwl Albert Dock Liverpool Oyster Bar Scallops Seafood
Hand-dived Scottish scallop Image: Confidentials

The new seafood terrace menu, called Shell & Stone / Cragen a Charreg, is inspired by the sea and the docks, with snacks and small plates to savour on the waterside. 

With Ellis’s stamp on the menu, and his relationships with the best suppliers from across the UK, dishes will always be fresh and seasonal. It could be Menai oysters, Scottish langoustines and scallops, or Anglesey sea bass. 

The timing of the new menu couldn't be better as temperatures are set to soar in Liverpool in the coming weeks.

Lerpwl Albert Dock Liverpool Oyster Bar View Al Fresco
Shrimply the best? The view Image: Confidentials
Lerpwl Albert Dock Liverpool Oyster Bar Cart
The oyster cart Image: Confidentials

“The menu we’ve launched today is literally a menu that we’re going to throw out when the sun’s shining,” says Ellis. 

“We don’t take any bookings on the terrace because obviously we can’t guarantee the weather. But the idea is that if the weather is looking good then we’ll get in touch with our suppliers, and see what’s coming in. 

"It’s the best seafood we can get in the country, and it’s prepared very simply; maybe just grilled with a little garnish on top, full of flavour. 

“We get nice summers here in the city and with premium seafood and a nice little glass of sparkling, what’s better than to be looking out at that view?”

Lerpwl Albert Dock Liverpool Oyster Bar Aubergine Veggie Vegan
Open BBQ charcoal aubergine Image: Confidentials
Lerpwl Albert Dock Liverpool Oyster Bar Sourdough Gordal Olives
Freshly baked sourdough with butters and gordal olives Image: Confidentials

Snacks on the terrace menu include some familiar favourites from the main restaurant and bar; juicy gordal olives, sourdough treacle bread with butters, duck quackettes, Lerpwl fried chicken, and a “Krispy Krab” doughnut. 

The popular oyster bar is also back for the summer. Ellis has been working with Shaun Krijnen of Menai Oysters and Mussels for about 12 years and says that they are some of the finest oysters in the UK. 

“We’re trying to get people into eating oysters more. They’re very sustainable, good for the environment, natural, full of protein, and they’re clean. It’s one of the most sustainable products you can have,” says Ellis. 

Fresh oysters at Lerpwl can be enjoyed in three different ways; “natural” with pickled shallot, chilli and lemon; baked with Hafod Welsh cheddar; or Sanbaizu with a three-part Asian vinegar and cucumber.

Lerpwl Albert Dock Liverpool Oyster Bar Crab Doughnut Seafood
“Krispy Krab” doughnut Image: Confidentials

Oysters are best enjoyed with a glass of fizz and the vivacious Pefriog Brut from award-winning vineyard Gwinllan Conwy is a perfect match for any of the above. The menu also includes classic cuvee and blancs de blanc by the glass from Nyetimber vineyard in West Chiltington. 

The Lobster Pot this is not and prices on the seafood terrace menu range from £3.50 for a single oyster, to £18 for hand-dived Scottish scallop. But with Lerpwl serving some of the best shellfish in the country, plus award-winning wines, superb staff, and that beautiful view - it’s worth shelling out for. 

Grab your clam-era - this waterside experience is deffo one for Insta. 

Lerpwl, Albert Dock Britannia Pavilion, Liverpool L3 4AD

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