Colquitt Street boozer celebrates 25 years in business

EVERYBODY'S got a La'go story to tell. The dive bar on the corner of Colquitt and Seel Street has long been the go to place for those who want cheap drinks, boss tunes, and late night dancing, all for the bargain entry fee of zero pence. Gives you more to spend on bevs, right?

We are the very opposite of venues with velvet ropes and VIP vibes - everybody is equal to us.

After a challenging few years, the La'go team are now celebrating the milestone of 25 years in business. Launched in 1997, originally as a Motown bar, it soon became known as a popular student haunt.

Lago Colquitt Street Liverpool 25 Years 2
Your names not down...oh come in anyway Image: PR

Since then, the venue has weathered every economic and cultural storm. La'go has created its own unique niche and become known as a place for a great night out where people can leave their pretensions at the door, with people from all walks of life joining them from students to pensioners and prins.

The drinks menu at La'go has earned it a legendary status, especially the shots - from Jagerbombs to sambucas, the house special the “Baby Stella” and a whole host of delights in between.

La'go has also become famous for its sassy message board:

Phil Gillespie, head of marketing at La'go says it's a place which is held in huge affection by everyone who visits.

“It’s why we have been around for 25 years now, and why some of our customers have stayed with us that long,” says Phil.

“We are all about giving everyone who comes in a great night out, with brilliant soundtracks, and a friendly atmosphere where they can mix with every demographic. 

“Quite simply, we are the very opposite of venues with velvet ropes and VIP vibes - everybody is equal to us. Because we offer great value, and our staff here soon get to know your name, it’s all about the welcome and a chance to party without pretence. 

“We will be celebrating this special 25th anniversary year with lots of events and themed nights, so keep an eye on our socials, and we look forward to seeing you all.”

Lago Colquitt Street Liverpool 25 Years 2022
Stairway to heaven and some Tiki Fire Image: PR

La'go is looking forward to a packed roster of events in the coming year, including their “Valentine’s Meet Market” night on 14 February. Say no more.

La'go, 18-20 Colquitt Street Liverpool L1 4DE

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