Navigating the menu’s best bits – there are plenty

It's the start of a new year. Whilst winter is known to many of us as being the bluest time of all, our dining options can still be colourful and affordable. Especially if you head to Fred’s.

The Georgian Quarter has always been bustling with coffee shops and eateries, some of them good, and some of them, well, Pizza Express. But with the Everyman Theatre and Philharmonic Hall both just a stone’s throw away, Frederiks is the perfect spot to get some food and drink pre or post theatre, and with the newly-appointed Knead Pizza in the kitchen, here's what you should order when you decide to chuck them your dough. Seriously, you knead to try it. (Sorry.)

2020 01 21 Frederiks Alcohol Free

Brie, Grape, Oregano Pizza (£5/8)

I know many have succumbed to the ridiculously titled Veganuary, and Frederiks can alter their pizzas for a Vegan diet on request. I, however, being a simple vegetarian out of choice, felt like the chosen one upon entering Frederiks. With there being numerous items for me to choose from, I knew that neither my taste buds nor my moral compass would suffer and that only made the food all the more satisfying. 

I fall into the large group of people who don't like fruit on pizza, but there was something about the combination of flavours that just leapt out at me from the menu. 

Maybe I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Christmas; this pizza was an encore serving of the thousands of crackers and copious amounts of brie I consumed. It’s ridiculously cheesy yet masterfully balanced, and the dough is light and delicious, even on its own, which is truly the sign of a great pizza.

2020 01 29 Brie And Grape Pizza

Aubergine, Goats Cheese, Honey, Mint (£7/10)

If grapes on pizza wasn't enough to make me start hyperventilating, our next pizza had honey andmint on it. But the chefs behind this menu obviously know what they're doing, and the result is a phenomenal and complex pizza. The crunch is still there in the dough, though this time it's complemented with slightly charred mint from the oven. I never knew mint was what I needed on a pizza, but Knead have shown me otherwise. If bold flavours are what you're after, look no further. 

2020 01 29 Aubergine And Mint Pizza

Stilton, Tomato, Mascarpone Arancini (£6)

If you're not already full enough from polishing off two pizzas, the stilton arancini are the perfect nibble or starter. Cooked perfectly, each one tastes like little meal in itself, and are a steal at just six pounds. 

Frederiks offer a vibrant atmosphere, as well as offers such as a Student Deal through the week, and their Pre Theatre deal, which is a pizza, drink and a snack for £13. Along with their famous Jazz nights on a Tuesday night, there's something at Frederiks for everyone. 

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